01 Sep 2014

Ticket Transfers Open

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Our ticket transfer process is now open. Ticket holders who cannot make the convention are free to sell their tickets (AT THE SAME COST OF PURCHASE) that they will be unable to use for 2015 to other interested parties, subject to our rules and guidelines.  Please note that this does not mean new tickets have not gone on sale for the convention, nor will they; this is for open transfers between attendees only.  Transactions are done directly between both parties; the convention takes no part in the transaction, except that the current owner must let us know via our Ticket Transfer Form (open until a week prior to the convention) about the transfer.

Ticket Transfer Facebook Group

In order to help our attendees find people willing to buy their tickets, or to help you locate someone who is selling, we have set up a new Facebook group at the link below.  The Gallifrey One 2015 Ticket Transfer Group can be joined by anyone wanting to engage in transfers (however, as we discovered, we can’t set it to automatically accept new members, so there may be a delay between requesting to join it and us approving it – we’ll get to it as fast as we can!)  We ask that you limit posts on this group solely to convention ticket transfer requests or offers; all other social media posts, comments and questions can go to our Facebook page and event page.