As of April 9, 2017, tickets to the 2018 Gallifrey One Convention, The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One, are now SOLD OUT.

We expected things to take longer this year, due to the lack of Doctor Who on television most of the past 18 months and the sudden proliferation of other Who events around the country… so our 2018 convention sold out in just over 25 hours this year (instead of two hours last year, but still…) Nevertheless, we feel we gave everyone ample opportunity to buy and were so glad to see so many first-timers buy tickets for 2018; all you first-timers are in for a real treat, believe us!

As a reminder, transfers will open sometime in the autumn of 2017; at that time, ticket-holders who cannot make the convention will be free to sell their tickets (at cost) to interested parties.

We encourage you to keep your eyes on this website, and on our 2018 Facebook Event Page, in the weeks and months to come. We open hotel reservations at the Marriott LAX on Monday May 1 (and usually reservations fill up within minutes, so be prepared!); we’ll have our first guest announcements some time this spring; the Art Show will open up for space reservations in early summer; and then we’ll begin ramping up convention preparation around the October-November 2017 time frame. There will be lots to talk about in the months to come, so please make sure you keep up with things and contact us if you have any questions. (And check out our Frequently Asked Questions, too!)

We look forward to seeing the over-3200 of you who bought tickets to The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One next February.  The countdown continues…