We’re less than three weeks out until the next Gallifrey One convention and we have lots of updates for you today… read on!

Reminder: Ticket Transfer, T-Shirt Pre-Order Deadlines THIS WEEK

As a reminder for those who hold tickets to the convention but cannot attend, you have only a few days left to sell your tickets to someone else who would like to attend. Please visit the Ticket Transfers page for full details about doing so. Online ticket transfers will close at 9:00pm Pacific time this WEDNESDAY JANUARY 31, and the only recourse you will have after that time is to transfer your ticket at the door… where the seller must be present to complete the transaction. 

Also, please remember that T-shirt pre-orders end this FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2 at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time. Click on that link to pre-order your T-shirt for pick up at the convention. As stated before, shirts are navy blue with the convention logo on the lapel and a large sized version of Christopher Jones’ TARDIS cruise ship & Gallifrey seal sun image (part of the convention logo) on the back. All shirts should be picked up on site; you can find yours at the T-shirt & Gallifrey One sales table next to convention registration during regular registration hours. A limited number of additional convention T-shirts will be available on site as well, while supplies last.

Kaffeeklatches Sign-Ups on February 3

For the first time, we’ll be doing sign-ups for our Kaffeeklatsch events online this year… specifically, next Saturday, February 3 at 12:00pm Pacific time. For the past couple of years, Kaffeeklatsch sign-ups have been a major headache for the convention and our attendees alike as people had to line up earlier and earlier on Friday morning for the possibility of getting into one of the events.

This year, we are giving an equal chance to everyone to be able to get into the session they’d like. When using the online sign-up form that will go live next weekend, you will need to put in your name and your badge number (see below) and select from three kaffeeklatsches in order of preference (i.e. your first choice, second choice and third choice in order).  We will use these three selections on a first-come first-served basis. Please note that repeating the same kaffeeklatsch on multiple lines won’t give you any advantage; you need to pick up to three unique items. Of course, many of the kaffeeklatsches will fill up immediately so we encourage you to be selective in your alternates.

IMPORTANT: We will be sharing the Kaffeeklatsch Sign-Up link exclusively on our Gallifrey One 2018 Facebook Event Page. It will not be here on our website (because we cannot guarantee the site won’t crash under heavy usage in the first minutes) or Twitter (because we cannot control how long it takes to propagate). If you are not currently a Facebook user, you can view the Facebook event page by signing up for a free account with an unused email address.

Because of the speed in which we expect some sessions to fill up, you are encouraged to have each person signing up online and ready, since we are basing selections on timestamps.

In order to get a head start, we encourage you to do the following two things:

  1. Visit the Attendee Search page to find your badge number and write it down. (If you are a recent recipient of a transfer ticket, we expect to update our database next Friday, February 2, after transfers close this week.)
  2. Look at the Kaffeeklatsch Schedule and decide ahead of time which sessions you wish to participate in.

Kaffeeklatsch online signups are full.  We will reopen them when the Kaffeeklatsches desk opens at the convention on Friday February 16 at 10:00am, to fill all available remaining slots.

For more information on our Kaffeeklatsch events with our guests, please see the Kaffeeklatsches page here on our website.

Photos Ops & Evening Receptions Update

Some of our Evening Guest Receptions are close to sell out; we encourage you to purchase your tickets as soon as possible (especially for the Friday 8:00pm reception which only has a couple spots left!) You can purchase them at the Convention Photo Shoots site. Note that the following guests have been added to some receptions: Richard Ashton to Friday 8:00pm and Saturday 4:00pm; Lawrence Gough to Saturday 7:30pm.

Meanwhile, our Photo Studio photo ops have now been added to the electronic schedule! Everyone that we currently have confirmation for is on the schedule now, with some additional guest photo ops coming soon. There are multiple sessions with group shots, including a “Greatest Show in the Galaxy” cast photo (which will likely include one additional guest when contracts are signed), as well as some green screen shots with the TARDIS console room and multiple TARDISes.

Photo Ops continue to be sold at the Convention Photo Shoots site – please note they will be adding some of the additional photo ops already on our schedule this coming Monday (and in the days to come.) Pre-purchasing photo ops makes it easier both on the attendees as well as the photographers, so we encourage you to pre-buy.  (You can also buy via their website up to and including the day of the photo op!) Remember that photo ops are charged per attendee; there is no group discount. However, an adult taking a photo op may include one child per adult free of charge (must have Child convention badge.)

Like last year, we’re operating the Photo Studio in a very quick and easy manner. We hold two lines open at any time only, for the current as well as the next photo op happening immediately after it.  Therefore, we encourage attendees buying photos to show up to the Photo Studio line area no more than 10 minutes ahead of time.  There is no reason at all to attempt to queue early: we will not sell out of photo ops for the guest, the photo lines rarely take more than 10-15 minutes at their worst for an active photo session, and it’s more convenient for you, our attendees, not to have to miss the rest of programming. As long as you arrive just prior to the photo session, our attendants will guide you (either to the staging area for the current photo op, or to the line for the next one, but no further).  Attempting to hang around the lines before they form causes us traffic flow problems, so please remember to queue only within the 10 minute window prior to the photo op about to begin.  We thank you for your cooperation and understanding – provided you’re not late, you won’t miss out!

Autograph Sessions Update

We’ve posted our Showmasters Events-sponsored autograph sessions on the electronic schedule — for the very first time! These are autograph sessions for the seven primary sponsored headliner guests: Steven Moffat, Sylvester McCoy, David Bradley, Jemma Redgrave, Sophie Aldred, Camille Coduri and Matt Lucas. (As noted earlier, Matt Lucas is only at the convention on Saturday & Sunday.)

These sponsored autograph sessions work differently than the Autograph Alley sessions that were previously on the schedule; they are fixed-time events that take place for the duration listed at the Showmasters Events tables in the Dealers Room. As each of these guests has varying schedules, they are listed separately from each other; while some overlap, many start and end at different times. Lines for these sessions may develop; if so, they will be led out of the left-facing front door of the Dealers Room into lines toward the convention center patio. We will keep these sessions updated on the electronic schedule as much as possible should they change, up to and including on site.

Also please note that we have updated the Autographs page! Details about all of our autograph signing sessions — Autograph Alley fixed-time sessions, sponsored autographs, plus guests that have their own tables in the Dealers Room — can be found at that page. 

Hotel Update: Renovations, Plans & Photos

As many Gallifrey One attendees have learned, the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel is in the middle of a huge renovation project. As a result, we have a few things to share with you, including some changes you need to be aware of.

The hotel’s lobby level (2nd floor) has just completed its renovation and you will immediately experience what looks like a nearly brand new hotel upon arrival. Of note, the Champions Bar is no more… instead, the hotel lobby and the bar area has been combined into one large space with plenty of seating and bright colors. (And there is also more space to stand and chat in the lobby, too.) Hotel registration has also been opened up with more room to move around.

Now open is the new Hangar 18 bar and lobby restaurant. The bar is much larger, with more registers open at once, and also open much earlier in the day. Hangar 18 restaurant fare is similar to what Champions served in the past, and it is open late (until 1:00am). The Starbucks in the lobby has also been renovated but is fully open, as is J.W.’s Steakhouse for dining every evening (reservations required).

Renovations to most of the sleeping rooms in the tower are complete as well. Some of you got to experience these new rooms last February (as they had only completed a few floors by last year’s convention.) Also, the hotel’s new M-Club Lounge on the 18th floor is open to Marriott top status members.

Closed, however, is the Latitudes coffee shop, which is currently undergoing renovations and won’t be completed until this spring. As this is the one major impact on this year’s convention, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made arrangements with the Marriott LAX to compensate for the loss of the restaurant:

  • The Marriott will be opening up J.W.’s Steakhouse to serve buffet-style breakfast options on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is in addition to Hangar 18 being open for breakfast service.
  • We’re happy to announce that Cafe Trenzalore, our convention center-level snack bar, will have extended hours this year: it will be open Friday and Saturday at 11:00am and run until 6:00pm, and for the first time will be serving several hot food items including hamburgers and hot sandwiches in the afternoon. This will be a quick and easy way to grab an early dinner so you don’t miss out on any of the late afternoon and evening programming at the convention.
  • Additionally, on Sunday, Cafe Trenzalore will be open from 11:00am through 2:00pm (lunch service only); this will be the first time we’ve had it available Sunday.

There have been no updates as of yet to the convention center level, or to the Meridian Ballroom on the lobby level (called “Program B” by us).

Below are some photos you may enjoy from our recent site visit and from the Marriott itself, showing some of the changes that have been made. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Late Breaking Guests

We have a couple more guest updates. Returning from last year, we’re pleased to welcome back composer SAM WATTS (The Sarah Jane Adventures). We’re also delighted to add two new additions to the big Star Trek Continues cast & crew panel and autograph party on Saturday: actresses REKHA SHARMA, best known to fans as Tory Foster on the updated Battlestar Galactica as well as from John Doe, V, The 100 and Star Trek Discovery; and TIFFANY BROUWER (South Beach, American Horror Story).

Is It Meglos? Contestants Wanted!

Hosted by David J. Howe, Is It Meglos? is a Doctor Who quiz game show (which first debuted at Gallifrey One 2017) where two teams go head to head to guess the story based on random quotations, clips and more!  We’re looking to pre-sign contestants for this year’s show… you should be knowledgeable about both generations of Doctor Who, classic and new, and ready to have lots of fun! Contact us immediately if you’d like to participate as a contestant — we need your name and email address, and please verify you’ll be available for the game show on Sunday from 1:00pm-2:30pm.

New and Returning Attendees Guide Coming Soon​

New to Gallifrey One? Or, have you been with us before but are still confused about some of the things at the convention? Well, we are here to help… and this coming week we’ll publish our New and Returning Attendees Guide! This handy guide will answer many of your questions, including where to park, how to pick up your convention badge (which you wear to allow you entry to the event), what kaffeeklatsches are, what the deal is about all these ribbons everyone keeps talking about, how autographs and photo ops work, how seating is done for our events, where to seek assistance if you’re confused, and many more topics.

Check back on this site early this coming week!

Schedule Updates & Tips for Use

As mentioned above, we’ve added all of the photo ops noted in the update above, as well as updated our evening receptions with new guests. Sponsored autograph sessions are also on the schedule.

UPDATE: Also today, we’ve added the schedules for our Children’s Programming Room and the Gaming Lounge to the electronic schedule. You’ll find detailed event listings for the children’s program, as well as scheduled game demos, sessions and tournaments for the Gaming Lounge (which will also be open throughout the weekend for open and casual gaming, too.)

We encourage you to keep checking our Gallifrey One 2018 Electronic Schedule – we’ve updated it several times since it went online earlier this week with additional meet-ups and socials (including a Master/Missy cosplay meetup, a Pond Paradox meetup, and more) and some time changes on some originally announced panels and kaffeeklatsches. The electronic schedule is always the latest and most up-to-date information about goings-on at the convention.

Meanwhile, we have some very handy tips in order to maximize your usage of our online Online Convention Schedule system:

  • On the main listings, you can use the color-coded filters to display only the types of panels you wish to see (it will include panels with more than one program type, too!)
  • You can use either the “By Venue” item on the Schedule dropdown at top left (under the convention name) or click the “Filter By Venue” option at right to display daily schedules sorted by program location.
  • The Guests and Panelists links at top left can be used to display all of our guests or panel participants; clicking on their names will show you all of the events they are participating in during the weekend. 
  • Clicking on the “Mobile App + iCal” link (the phone icon at top right) takes you to a handy page explaining how you can view the mobile version on your device. Not only does the mobile web app store its data on your phone or tablet for offline use, but you can also download the schedule in iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or even a download calendar version.  Important: if you do download an offline version, we encourage you to download often, especially during the convention from Thursday-Sunday, as the schedule does change frequently.
  • The Print version (the printer icon at top right) is also very useful as a one-page summary of all of the events happening at the convention (via the default Simple tab). You can click on the Detailed tab on the print schedule page to display a full one-page listing of the entire convention including program descriptions and panelists.
  • And finally… don’t forget that on any of the regular color-coded schedule pages, you can click the circle on each and set up a fully customized schedule plan just for you! Create a free Sched account and have your schedule available to you on any device, planned for the whole weekend.

More updates soon!