And so, it begins… Gallifrey One is thrilled to finally present our 29th annual convention, THE 29 VOYAGES OF GALLIFREY ONE this weekend at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel.  We are looking forward to a great weekend with some great guests and a lot of fun, starting Thursday at 8:00pm and running through Sunday at 7:00pm.

We’d like to remind you to take a look at both our New & Returning Attendees Guide for lots of helpful hints about the convention, as well as our Convention Policies page, the contents of which are strictly enforced at Gallifrey One.  Meanwhile, for some final, last-minute updates on this year’s convention, see below.

Important Info about Tickets & Registration

The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One is a completely sold out convention.  There are no tickets available for purchase.

People with tickets should remember that physical tickets were not (and have never been) mailed; simply bring identification with you and check-in, and you will be issued a convention badge for access to the event. The person who bought the ticket or the person whose name is currently on the ticket are eligible to change the name on it, but only in person at our Convention Registration desk.

Our Attendee Search page was updated yesterday (February 11) with our final convention attendee roster.

Registration is open for badge pickup on Thursday 3pm-6pm and 8pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-7pm, and Sunday 9am-1pm. You can pick up your badge at any time during these hours. If you haven’t yet picked up your badge as of Friday morning, come down to the convention center (bottom floor) by escalator only, not the elevator (with the exception of mobility-disabled attendees); as the convention center is secured from Friday 8am, you’ll need to return to the second floor on the elevator and use the escalators anyway.

Schedule of Events

Our Online Convention Schedule features everything happening at this year’s convention: all the programming & events, panels, interviews, meet-ups and socials, gaming, children’s programming, autographs, kaffeeklatsches, photo ops, receptions and more. Don’t forget about the “Changes/Additions Since Program Book” filter, which will keep a running list of everything that’s different from what is in your souvenir program. 

The following is our general guide to the convention, starting with badge pickup (attendees with tickets pick up their badges at our Registration desk, which allows you entry into the convention):

  • Thursday, February 15, 2018
    • 3:00pm — Early badge pick-up, open today from 3pm-6pm and 8pm-10pm
    • 8:00pm — Gallifrey One 2018’s Pre-Convention “Bon Voyage” Party, including our Thursday night Ice Cream Social party, the Gallifrey One 2018 disco dance, plus late night karaoke (starting around 9:30pm) and more.  Note: only those who can pick up badges during the above times are able to enter these events.
  • Friday, February 16, 2018
    • 9:00am — Registration reopens for badge pickup (until 7:00pm)
    • 9:30am — Program A opens for pre-event seating 
    • 10:00am — Main programming begins in Program A, C, D, E; video program begins
    • 11:00am — Dealers room opens (until 6:30pm); kaffeeklatsches begin
    • 12:00pm — All remaining programming open
    • Afternoon — Art Show opens 
    • Early Evening — Guest receptions (nominal charge)
    • 8:00pm to after midnight — Evening events run (including main stage programming, karaoke, evening panels, fan mixer, late night program)
  • Saturday, February 17, 2018
    • 9:00am — Registration reopens for badge pickup (until 7:00pm); video program continues
    • 9:15am — Program A opens for pre-event seating 
    • 9:45am — Program A programming begins
    • 10:00am — All remaining programming tracks open; dealers room and art show open (until 6:00pm)
    • Early Evening — Guest receptions (nominal charge)
    • 8:30pm — Evening events run (including the Masquerade, karaoke, evening programming)
  • Sunday, February 18, 2018
    • 9:00am — Registration reopens for badge pickup (until 1:00pm); video program continues
    • 9:45am — Program A opens for pre-event seating 
    • 10:00am — All programming tracks open (until 6:00pm); dealers room open (until 4:00pm or time approximate)
    • 10:30am — Art Show Auction
    • 12:00pm — The 29th Annual Bob May Memorial Charity Auction, benefitting the Pop Culture Hero Coalition
    • 6:15pm — Closing Ceremonies (main ballroom)

As a reminder, this year we are not clearing out Program A on Friday & Saturday evenings between daytime programming and evening events. Please do not expect any lines for the Masquerade, etc.  

Those with visual impairment issues should speak to the Accessibility Services Desk on Friday; it’s next to Convention Registration. We need to know early on as to whether we need to make room for you near the front; we will not be moving people who have sat in a seat all day long to accommodate anybody, so you need to let us know as quickly as possible.

Please note that the above times are subject to change and may be altered at any time up to or during the convention, so we urge you to keep up with the Online Schedule.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BADGE PICK-UP: Attendees can pick up their badges at any time our Registration Desk is open (Thursday 3pm-6pm & 8pm-10pm; Friday & Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 9am-1pm) for full access to the convention. If you would like to participate in our Thursday evening events, you must ensure your badge is picked up during these Thursday timeslots. We will not hold badges for you if you will be arriving after the times noted above.

Directions and Parking

Our Directions and Parking page can show you how to get to the convention, and give you insight on where to park.  Parking at Gallifrey One after mid-day Friday (and especially on Saturday) can be seriously frustrating — there is also a gaming convention at the Hilton, airport parking in the general area, and of course nearly 4,000 people at our event — so you’ll want to be sure to take a look.

Autographs, Photos and Receptions

All of our autograph sessions, our evening receptions and scheduled photo ops are on the electronic schedule.  Additional photo op sales and reception tickets will be available for purchase (subject to availability) during the Thursday registration desk hours in the convention center foyer area; after that, as of Friday, photo ops can be purchased at the Photo Studio, and reception tickets at the Showmasters tables in the Dealers Room.  (For those with TARDIS tags and Diamond Passes, please check in at the Showmasters booth for information about their daytime exclusive events that are included in the price of these packages.)

Click Here to purchase Receptions, Photo Ops, Diamond Passes & TARDIS Tags

Also, please note that many of our guests are either sponsored or have their own tables. Our Autographs page can give you some pointers about how to find everyone whose autograph times are not listed on our electronic schedule.

Weather Outlook

The weather outlook for The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One is currently looking… well.. just about perfect.  Unlike last year, we’re expecting sunny skies and warm weather from Thursday to Monday, a nice gift to all of you out-of-towners. (There is a chance of brief showers on Wednesday morning, but otherwise beautiful weather from Wednesday afternoon through the weekend.)

A Few Helpful “Don’t Forget”s…

For those new to Gallifrey One – and those who’d just like a handy reminder – we have a few things we want to make sure to remind you of:

  • Don’t forget to take a look at our Convention Policies page, specifically about harassment (we take this very seriously) and our courtesy policy (also strictly enforced to make sure everyone has a great time!)  And also please remember that we do not allow videotaping/streaming/live broadcasting in any program room… failure to comply will mean immediate removal from the convention.
  • Bring cash if you want autographs or purchases. While many of our vendors take credit cards, others take cash only, and that also goes for most of our autographing guests. While there are two ATMs in the Marriott lobby, they usually run out of cash very early each day, so you may have a long walk to get more.
  • Cash is also very much advised for the food trucks we have on Friday & Saturday afternoons, which will complement the “Cafe Trenzalore” convention center level lunch options. 
  • Don’t forget to join us Thursday night at 8:00pm for our special pre-convention launch party on the ground floor, featuring an ice cream social, lots of friendly faces (including many of our guests) and a disco dance… and, later in the evening, karaoke!  It’s a great way for new people to get to know everyone and join in the fun. (But please don’t encourage people who are not ticket holders to come down that night, or for the weekend… the Marriott reserves the right to enforce maximum capacity limits on its open spaces to hotel guests and badged convention attendees.  We don’t want to have to ask anyone to leave, nor does Marriott hotel security.)
  • Don’t forget that badge ribbons are something optional and fun and entirely created by attendees… they’re not an official thing at our convention, but something very popular at many events.  Also don’t forget that, as a result, people pay their own money to make their ribbons; some people like to trade instead of offer for free.  Don’t forget that there are four ribbon trading meet-ups scheduled for each of the four days (see the Meet-Ups list on the electronic schedule.)
  • Speaking of which, don’t forget we have a ton of meet-ups scheduled; you can find them all in the Meet-Ups & Socials category of the electronic schedule.
  • Don’t forget to bookmark the electronic schedule on your phone or tablet!  We will keep the electronic schedule updated throughout the weekend.
  • Don’t forget to be in line at 10:00am Friday morning if you want first crack at the remaining kaffeeklatsches (described on the New & Returning Attendees Guide).  While many sessions are full from the online signups we did last week, there are still slots available for many others.
  • Don’t forget to HAVE FUN.  Gallifrey One is about fun, family, friends both new and old, and celebrating being a fan of Doctor Who and sci-fi TV & film.

Going Dark

As of today, please do not expect email replies, or responses to Facebook or Twitter posts/messages, until we return from the convention; our team is busy packing and getting ready for our move-in to the hotel.

The Last Word…

This is the last update we’ll publish prior to the start of this weekend’s festivities, barring any last minute important updates. We do usually post the occasional Facebook or Twitter posts, but that’s mostly it until we’re back from the convention.

For those that can’t join us, keep an eye on our website shortly after the convention, where we’ll announce the exact time and date tickets go on sale for our 2019 event.

Gallifrey One is a labor of love. It’s a passion that has kept so many of us going for decades… and for some of us, since a cold rainy night in January 1989 when we decided it was time to bring an annual Doctor Who event to our home here in Los Angeles. But it’s not just the people who run it that make it special… it’s all of you. Time and again, you’ve been our biggest supporters, our ambassadors-at-large to the rest of Doctor Who fandom. We couldn’t do this without you.

So now you’ll see what we’ve been planning for you for the last twelve months. We think this one’s gonna be something truly special.

See you this weekend at The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One… the 29th iteration of the best Doctor Who event of them all.