Welcome back! We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer… but now that summer’s over, we’re getting the ball rolling on plans for our next event, Gallifrey One: 30 Years in the TARDIS.  Over the next four and a half months, we’ll gradually pick up the pace with news and updates about our February 2019 convention. We have tons of great plans, including lots of upcoming new guests to announce, and we look forward to sharing the details with all of you.

Today we’d like to get started with some general convention updates, including some things we know many of you have been looking forward to, so let’s get started!

Transfers Will Begin October 15

Although we previously stated that our transfer period would not open until December, we have decided to open it earlier… specifically, on Monday October 15. At that time, we will open our Transfers page here on our website, and will create a new Event page on Facebook specifically for current ticket holders to post that they have tickets available. 

As a reminder, Gallifrey One has an open transfers policy, with specific limits. People with tickets are welcome to sell their tickets to someone else if they cannot make the convention, though it must be sold only at the same price they originally paid. A ticket can only be transferred once. Only the person who purchased the ticket or the person whose name is currently on the ticket can sell it. Payment must happen between the two parties involved; Gallifrey One does not get involved. We only need to be notified, via our Transfer form (available here on October 15); the person selling the ticket must complete the form. 

Check back on our website on October 15 for further details, including a link to the transfers page and to the Facebook group where you can communicate your intent to sell your ticket.

Art Show Reservations Now Open

We are happy to announce that space reservations in the Gallifrey One 2019 Art Show are now open!

Visit the Art Show page for full details, including a downloadable entry form and the complete rules and regulations of the Art Show for displaying artists. (Make sure you can read PDF files!) Further information is available in the Rules document including contact information.

Discussion Panel Topic Submissions Open

Gallifrey One’s Discussion Panel Track is now open for submissions! Every year, the discussion panels at Gallifrey One are a fantastic track of programming talking about Doctor Who and its spinoffs, science fiction television and film, writing, comics, gaming, real-world topics and so much more! Although we do have many panels we’re already planning for this year, we are always open to new and interesting discussions pertaining to these topics. Like our last convention, we have two different discussion panel opportunities: our our main discussion topic line, and the “Gallifrey Academia Track”.

Main Discussion Panel Topic Ideas: We’d love to hear what you have in mind, beyond the usual topics we already cover at the convention (like reviews of the most recent Doctor Who season and the topics we always feature). We’re looking for discussion topics that will fill an hour’s time slot with fresh and interesting subject matter, led by a panel of attendees (mostly our attendees) but that will involve audience participation and discussion.

This year we are using a Google Form for our discussion panel topic submissions.  Please click on the following link and fill out the form completely, once per discussion panel topic suggestion (do not combine into one entry); this will help us sift through everything:

Gallifrey One 2019 Discussion Panel Topic Suggestion Form (page closed)

Submissions are due by Sunday October 14.  Please make certain you read the rules and information at the top of that form.  Also, note that at this time we are only accepting main discussion panel ideas; once we announce our panel list, it is at that time that we will begin taking requests from attendees for participation as panelists. 

Main discussion panel topic idea submissions are now closed.

The Gallifrey Academia Track: After the success of last year, we are bringing back our special “academic track” for Gallifrey One to offer a different type of fan discussion at the convention. These sessions are open to everyone to discuss topics about Doctor Who in greater depth. For these, we are accepting 200-300 word abstracts for talks, including visual presentations with a set time limit. Unlike the “main discussion panel” track above, attendees who suggest the Academia Track panels will be the ones presenting, so they will not open at a later date for additional panelists. To that end, we are keeping the submission date for the Academia Track open until the end of the day on Saturday November 17 and we will not be announcing the topics being discussed until early January. 

Unlike the main discussion panel topic list submission form, for your Academia Track submissions we ask you to send us email instead (see the Contact Us page) which should include the following information: 

  • Name
  • Title and 200-300 word summary (abstract) for your short presentation
  • Credentials or other relevant information about you
  • Contact info
  • Be sure to note this is for the Academia Track

If you have questions related to whether your idea is relevant for the Academia track, please email us as well.  Please do not send us general panel topics via email, only Academia Track submissions; use the form link above instead! 

Dining During Gallifrey One 2019

One of the things we’ve been working on is ensuring Gallifrey One attendees have plenty of options for eating during the convention weekend. Here’s what we have in store:

  • In addition to the Hangar 18 lobby restaurant and bar, which is open all day and evening, the new Social Market Cafe restaurant has now opened (in place of the old Latitudes). Social Market is open for breakfast and dinner each day.  Also, JW’s Steakhouse is open every evening (reservations required).
  • Starbucks will be open daily in the hotel lobby.
  • The Marriott will once again open our Cafe Trenzalore lunch service on the convention floor (outside on the patio, weather permitting, or right inside the convention center), with on-the-go sandwiches and salads and beverages.
  • We are once again bringing the food trucks back on Friday and Saturday… this year we’re working on three food trucks per day instead of two, and the trucks will stay into the evenings to provide dinner service.

Making sure our convention attendees have a full range of dining options is important to us… especially at the dinner hour, so you don’t have to leave the Marriott to find food and miss our evening program!

Lodging Updates

Although the Marriott filled up within moments of reservations going online back in May, there are still hotels in the area for those people interested in coming to our convention in February and staying in the area overnight.  Per Expedia, as of October 1, there are rooms at the Crowne Plaza LAX for $123-135/night, Hilton LAX for $129-199/night, Renaissance Hotel LAX for $149-209/night, and the Four Points Sheraton for $149-159/night, depending on length of stay and check-in/check-out dates.  Further afield, rooms are also still available at the Super 8 Motel up Airport Blvd., and closer to the 405 freeway, Holiday Inn LAX and La Quinta LAX.  Additional hotels in the immediate area are available for higher prices.

We do expect ongoing parking issues at the Marriott during the Gallifrey One weekend, especially on Friday and Saturday, so staying locally or using a car service like Uber, Lyft or taxis to be your best possible option.  

Our 2019 Dealers Room 

Gallifrey One’s Dealers Room has added several new vendors to join us in 2019 in our even better-stocked vendor hall! We’re pleased to welcome:

  • Ms. Formaldehyde, vendor of handcrafted Doctor Who hats, headbands & wearables
  • Arizmendi Jewelers, selling geeky jewelry including Doctor Who inspired pendants, rings and jewelry
  • MombieZombie, makers of handcrafted etched glassware, including some Doctor Who styled items
  • Unique Dice Towers, vendors of laser-cut dice towers from natural hardwood, including various genre themes
  • The Doctor’s Closet, which sells bow ties with pop culture fabric, inspired by Doctor Who

We are also pleased to welcome back nearly all of our vendors from 2018 as well, including Showmasters Events, Alien Entertainment / DoctorWhoStore.com, The Who Shop UK, Titan Comics, A Wrinkle in Time, Holzheimers Distribution, Mike’s Comics n’Stuff, Rubbertoe Replicas, Optimystical Studios, Lyzard13, Sci-Fi Zone, Dale & Barbara Santos, Springitme Crations, Pixel Who, My Curious Cabinet, Geeky Teas & Games, Cargo Cult Books, Pendragon Costumes, Indigoskye Bead Fashions, Jim & Melody Rondeau, M&M Famous Faces, Telos Publishing and artists tables for Jeff Cummins and Christopher Jones.  We’re also welcoming back Tribble Toys and Julie Scott CMT (both could not be with us in 2018) and, yes, by popular demand, the Girl Scouts of America will be back selling Girl Scout Cookies all weekend!

The Gallifrey One Dealers Room opens at 11am on Friday and will be filled with vendors of Doctor Who and genre merchandise, books, games, jewelry, toys and more, as well as dedicated signing tables for many of our guests. Autograph sessions take place exclusively in the Dealers Room as well, at both vendor tables as well as the ‘autograph alley’ in the back of the room.  More details will be available closer to the event.

Exhibitor Tables

Gallifrey One’s Exhibitor Table Hallway is completely full for 2019. The Exhibitor Hallway, located in the center hallway between the Dealers Room and Art Show/Gaming/Photo Studio, will feature a variety of local and regional events and organizations including the World Fantasy Convention 2019 in Los Angeles, LA’s own regional SF event Loscon 2019, the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, the annual Sci Fi Sea CruiseGaslight Steampunk Expo in San Diego, the new Browncoat Waystation convention coming in 2020, the East Coast Doctor Who event (Re)Generation Who, San Diego’s ConDor/San Diego Who Con, the Pacific Northwest’s Anglicon and the Whovian Running Club.  We will also be once again welcoming back our friends from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire at tables in the main convention center foyer.  (And don’t forget, ChicagoTARDIS 2019 is technically an exhibitor but you can find them in the Dealers Room at the Alien Entertainment booth!)

Additionally, the Exhibitor Hallway is also the location of our Cosplay Shop (where you can check in for assistance with your convention costuming) and our Masquerade Registration Table which will be open on Friday (and very briefly on Saturday morning).

Program Book Advertisements

Interested in advertising in our annual souvenir program booklet? We sell a limited number of ads in our booklet, which is distributed to every person who attends the convention (currently this would be over 3800 books!) Ads must be genre-specific: science fiction, fantasy & horror literature, media or comics, as well as conventions and events, fan clubs, or items of suitable interest to our attendees.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Ad space is full page only, digest sized: 5.5″ wide by 8.5″ high.
  • Camera-ready art must be 5″ wide by 8″ high, black and white only, in PDF, JPG, PNG or TIF format only (no Microsoft Word files!)
  • Rates are $150 USD for a full page (5.5″ x 8.5″) advert; we do not do half-page ads or smaller.
  • The theme of your advertisement must fall within our acceptable range of advertisers: Doctor Who, science fiction/fantasy or genre merchandise; fan events and/or conventions; fan organizations; or, books or periodicals germane to the SF/F community.

Our deadline for booking advertisements in the Gallifrey One 2019 program book is December 1, 2018, though we reserve the right to close ads earlier if we reach our limit, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible!. The ads themselves will be due in mid-January and all advertisers will be communicated with.

Finally… More Guests Soon!

We’ve only announced our first guest block so far (back in July), but we’re definitely working on lots of new guests! We already have some people to announce in the weeks to come (both Doctor Who specific as well as local genre guests), and we have some big plans for guests to be announced closer to the convention, so we will keep you posted.  (One of the reasons we’re delaying a bit: we want to take the opportunity to get some guests from the upcoming Series 11… we’re not saying it’s definite but we’re going to try!)

In conjunction with that, we’ll open our sales of TARDIS Tags and Photo Ops in the near future, after we’ve announced our next major guest block.

Stay tuned as we start bringing you all the latest and greatest as we prepare for Gallifrey One: 30 Years in the TARDIS!