Ticket transfers have now opened for Gallifrey One attendees for our next convention, Gallifrey One: 30 Years in the TARDIS. For those who have bought tickets, and have since found themselves unable to attend next year’s convention, this is a way to give away your tickets to someone else who wants them by selling them at the same cost you paid for them… and for those who haven’t, a way to get into the 2019 convention that was previously unavailable.

For starters, it’s important to remember: Gallifrey One is not selling any more tickets, and is not guaranteeing a ticket to those without. You are responsible for procuring a ticket to the convention yourself, or selling yours if you cannot make it. There are very specific rules that must be followed. The convention stays out of private transactions, beyond warning that our rules must be followed (including a cap on the price; you can only sell a ticket for no more than what you paid for it.) All we are involved with is the notification process; the SELLER (not the buyer) must fill out our form on the Transfers page.

This process is also an aid for those who want to reassign their tickets (i.e. change a ticket in their name to the name of a friend or family member); for those wondering, yes, you can use the same form to do so.

Please remember that there are specific rules that govern this entire process, the most important being that no profit may be made on our tickets (this violates our policies and makes a ticket void).

Interested SELLERS may now post on the Gallifrey One 2019 Facebook Event page (click here). Interested BUYERS should only REPLY to seller posts and not create new posts. You can then conduct your business via email or private message.

Although this is by no means a guarantee that you’ll be able to get a ticket to the convention, we do advise people to keep checking the Facebook page linked above over the next few months. Tickets for transfer this early are relatively few; as we get closer to the convention, more people determine they’re unable to go for a variety of reasons, so January is usually the busiest time for this. Often times there are multiple last-minute transfer offers.

For full details, including our rules and the process involved in transfer, visit the Ticket Transfers page.

Please note that we have eliminated the separate Ticket Transfer Facebook Group, and that sellers may now simply post on the 2019 event page as noted above.