Greetings, Gallifrey One attendees! We have a few announcements from the past few days, with a couple of November 1 updates to Photo Ops and our ongoing Facebook notifications saga to bring to you…

Update: Photo Op Pre-Orders Now Open (November 1)

Initial photo op preorders for Gallifrey One 2019 are now on sale via the Convention Photo Shoots website, linked below. This is for multiple guests already announced for the convention, with more photo ops to come as we add sessions for current guests and confirm new ones. As in years past, photo ops are on a per-person charge and include a physical copy (printed immediate after your photo) as well as a high-res version downloadable after the convention. The preorder sales also include a Diamond Pass option for Pearl Mackie (with photos, autographs and a private meet and greet.)

Please note that our annual “TARDIS Tag” item (which includes a large selection of autographs, photos and exclusive items/events) is not yet on sale. That will come online, along with additional photo ops and Diamond passes, when we announce additional guests in the weeks to come. (Rest assured that those are coming… we’re working on some big stuff!) Our exclusive evening reception tickets will also go on sale closer to the convention.

Queries about specific photo options can be directed to our vendor at

Brief Convention Updates

For those wondering, we do have a bunch of new guests to announce very soon. This year, we made the decision to hold off a bit on some of our guest plans, so as to take advantage of opportunities for possible guests that usually pop up much closer to the event (as people become more available); that’s why we’ve only (so far) released our first block.

Rest assured that we’re working hard on many other guest announcements in the weeks to come and fully expect our guest list to be the same size as always… with our next guest block coming sooner than you think!

Also coming very soon is our discussion panel list… we literally had nearly 200 wonderful panel suggestions this year, and while we certainly cannot use all of them, we have a broad wealth of program ideas to use. When that list is posted we’ll also be sharing our deadline for interested parties to let us know they’d like to be panelists on our discussion panels (including some of you who suggested them). More details coming about that very soon.

It’s also a good time to remind people that while our discussion panel suggestion period is over, you still have a few weeks to volunteer to be part of our Academia Track; details are on the “Journey Begins” Fall Update news release from October 1 (click that item in the right-hand column on this page). This is a very specific part of our program so we encourage you to check it out… spaces will be filling up soon!

Likewise, we also want to remind everyone that the discussion panel track and our Academia Track are but one portion of our total program; other events like interviews, Q&As, commentaries, social events, panels with specific focuses or specific guests, our science program, and much more, are things we’ll be confirming much closer to the convention.

Our Art Show is getting full (we’re about 80% sold out). If you’re interested in displaying in the Art Show, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible before we’re sold out completely. Details are on the Art Show page, including the registration form and rules & regulations.

Also remember that ticket transfers are now open and the details are on that page as well.

Update: Ongoing Facebook Issues & A Solution (November 1)

Those of you who have been following us on Facebook the past few days know that we’ve had issues with the way the system notifies people about news posts (long story short: it doesn’t, not entirely, and the only way to solve that would be paying for additional coverage… money we’d rather spend on our convention.)

To simplify things, we’ve simply gone back to Plan A… we’re back to one Facebook page that you’ll ever need to follow.

Join us at the Gallifrey One 2019 Facebook Event Page.  That’s the social media page where it’s all at:

  • The latest news updates from Gallifrey One (and we have many to share over the next few months!) Your questions will always be welcome and we’ll answer as much as we can.
  • The place for all of YOU, our attendees, to post about your convention plans… finding roommates & rooms to share, talking about your upcoming cosplays and ribbons, sharing your photos both before and after the convention, helpful suggestions to fellow attendees, and just plain celebrating your positivity about the upcoming event!
  • The place where people who can’t make it but have tickets to sell can find buyers. (New posts from SELLERS only, please. BUYERS, please only reply to sales posts. You can then take your business to private chat… as always, sellers, please delete your posts when you have transferred your tickets.)

That’ll be the only Facebook page you need follow until the convention. Then we’ll create the next one for #31 right after 30 is over. And so on… (You can still get there from our main Facebook page, although please note that that page is just a landing spot linking to the event page.)

Thanks for bearing with us the past few days while we get this all sorted. It’s not you, and it’s not even us, really; the way Facebook operates its Pages has become very cumbersome and not very user friendly. So we’re just going to stick with the event page that you’re on and make the best of it.  Of course, remember that you can always also follow us on Twitter (@gallifreyone or the hashtag #gally1) and our website’s always kept up to date as well.

104 days and counting!  More news soon…