Due to some unforeseen issues, we have had to remove the Attendee Search feature from the website for this year’s convention. We have plans to bring it back for 2020 in a slightly modified capacity.

A direct impact of this is that we’ve also had to modify our Transfer process… a change which unfortunately puts a burden upon our ticketholders. It’s always been a feature of our transfer process that the online list confirms both (a) a ticket exists to be transferred and (b) that the transfer has definitely been made. Since the attendee list will not be back online for this upcoming convention, we will require some extra work on the part of anyone transferring a ticket, and a resultant requirement for those who procure transfer tickets, in order to ensure that no one suffers in the process.

Ticket sellers:

  • You must now provide the home address you used when purchasing your ticket when you fill out the transfer form so we can match it to the order.
  • You must also enter the EventBrite order number.  This can be found on your original EventBrite order confirmation, in the grey “Order Summary” section.
  • Tickets may only be sold ONCE, from the original EventBrite buyer to a new buyer.

Ticket buyers:

  • Since we are no longer able to confirm your transfer on our website’s membership list, please bring with you to the convention a printed copy of the email confirmation you receive. This is the automatically generated email sent as soon as the ticketholder submits the form; subject is “Gallifrey One 2019 Ticket Transfer” and is proof of ticket exchange.

Due to the fact that this has added additional work to our staff, we request that you please NOT email us for confirmation of your ticket transfer, but instead refer to the email confirmation you received as noted above. We ask that you contact us about your transfer ONLY if you do not receive the transfer confirmation email.

Please also note that we are no longer doing badge name changes and inter-party ticket reassignments in advance, since the list is no longer online; this can be done on site when you check in at the convention.

The rules for transfers, the form to use for transferring your tickets and other pertinent information can be found here:

Gallifrey One Ticket Transfer Page

We’re very sorry that this change has created some uncertainty for our attendees. Unfortunately this may also adversely affect the lines at our Registration desk (i.e. making them a bit longer) because we can’t confirm on our website that a transfer has been made, which might create a bit of a crush during peak times as transfer recipients bring paperwork to check.  We suggest you plan ahead and get in line as early as you’re able. Rest assured that we’ll be reverting to the former system again for 2020 (slightly modified) and hope that this doesn’t adversely affect anyone attending this February’s convention.