Greetings, Gallifrey One attendees! We’re already working on our program and we have some updates to share about it, as well as some other topics like upcoming dates for sales… and of course this is just the beginning. Read on!

Meet-Ups and Gatherings Open Call

Once again, our “Program F” meet-up room will be on the main convention floor, hosting a number of fan gatherings throughout the weekend.  From fan club meet-ups to social groups and even a few workshops hosted by your fellow fans, we expect a lot of fun this year!  We are currently accepting requests for fan organizations, special interest groups and others who would like to host hour-long open gatherings at our 2019 convention. The Program F room seats 50 people (plus room for more standing); gatherings cannot serve any food or beverage and are only intended as meet-ups and social events. 

If you or your group would like to take advantage of the opportunity, please contact us and let us know what group you will be hosting, with your preferred dates and times. The room is available Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-noon and 1pm-7pm, and Sunday 10am-4pm.

Also… if your fan group or cosplay group would still like to have a meet-up at the convention, but you don’t want to use the Program F room, please let us know so we can include it in the convention schedule! Our schedule is full of these types of events, from Thursday early evening’s In-n-Out dinner run, to the various ribbon trading meet-ups and cosplay photo ops throughout the weekend; make sure we include yours by contacting us!

Important Upcoming Pre-Convention Events

As we get close to the convention, there will be many things that Gallifrey One 2019 attendees will want to pay attention to, so we encourage you to keep checking this website (or via social media: follow us on Twitter, or join the Facebook 2019 event page and set it for notifications!) Here is a quick list of what is coming in the next two months:

  • Program Preview and Schedule Release: Because our guest lineup is taking longer than it has in the past to complete (and we’re still planning several guest announcements over the next month, including our next update within the next week or so), our annual Program Preview will be coming in mid-January.  The Program Preview is our list of many convention events that aren’t included on the discussion panel track… live commentaries, special events, workshops, demos and much more!  Shortly thereafter, the Gallifrey One 2019 Schedule of Events will be posted, using the Sched online system as with the past two years, so you can start customizing your schedule.
  • Exclusive Gallifrey One Doctor Who Comics: This year, there will be not one but two exclusive Gallifrey One covers of Titan Comics Doctor Who releases!  Both will be limited in number and you’ll be able to reserve one or both ahead of time; we expect to announce this at the very beginning of January.
  • Science Workshops for Children & Families: Once again, Gallifrey One will feature our Science Workshops for Children and Families.  This is an incredibly popular workshop (two sessions, both Saturday afternoon) for teams comprised of one child and one parent/guardian, with some hands-on science fun with a Doctor Who focus.  Signups for this will take place in late January (once again there will be a $5 per team charge to cover materials.)
  • Kaffeeklatsch Advance Signups: After the success of last year, we will once again be taking advance sign-ups for our Kaffeeklatsches, our small (and free) group gatherings featuring one or two guests and up to 12 fans, for an hour’s chat in a private room.  Like last year, we will be filling up the kaffeeklatsches with as many advance sign-ups as possible, and opening the rest of the seats (for the ones that aren’t full) starting Friday morning at the convention.  Look for that toward the end of January.  
    • Important note: For the most popular kaffeeklatsches, where we receive more than 12 requests in the very first few minutes that signups are open, we will be randomly selecting participants, lottery style.  This does not mean lotterizing the entire list, only the people in the very first batch who are prepared and online when signups open.
  • New & Returning Attendee Guide: We’ll be posting this again in January, with some updates (including some new information for 2019 such as additional dining options!)
  • Evening Reception Sales: Due to the aforementioned delays with some guest confirmations, we’ve pushed back our Evening Reception ticket sales to sometime in January.  Receptions will once again take place on Friday and Saturday evening in the hotel’s Presidential Suite, sponsored by Showmasters Events and featuring a selection of some of our major convention guests. 
  • TARDIS Tag, Diamond Pass and additional Photo Ops Sales: In addition to the Evening Reception sales, we will have other Diamond Pass sales with guests we confirm later in December and in January.  The Diamond Pass is also not yet on sale, but is coming as soon as we’re ready to announce additional guests.  Finally, we will have more photo op presales closer to the event, with additional guests (including some already confirmed to appear).
  • Transfers Deadline: Finally, we’re looking at a mid-to-late January deadline for pre-convention ticket transfers.  We’ll give everyone a couple weeks’ notice before the cutoff point.  You will be able to transfer tickets at the convention as well.

Finally, you’ll notice that the Schedule page now is linked via the tan SCHEDULE button at the top of the page (next to REGISTRATION).  Right now it features the overall schedule framework for the convention, and will include the full schedule of events in mid-January.

Time Lord Timelines: An Academic Symposium

After last year’s academia-focused program track proved hugely popular, we’ve brought it back again! Time Lord Timelines: An Academic Symposium is a special presentation of short lectures by convention attendees on a variety of topics, selected by academic chairs Paul Booth and Joy Piedmont on behalf of the convention.  This year we’ve expanded the academic series to four hours!  The following is the current schedule of events for the symposium, which will take place on Friday afternoon starting at 3:00pm (with the final location to be announced on our main schedule in January):

  • Keynote address
    • 3:00pm – “The Fandom Hierarchy: Women of Color’s Fight For Visibility In Fandom Spaces” by Tai Gooden
    • 3:15pm – Panel Q&A
  • Fandom in/and Doctor Who:
    • 3:25pm – “Five Weird Data Stories From A Teaspoon And An Open Mind (and One That Isn’t)” by Anna Livingston
    • 3:40pm – “Doctor Who Magazine, the role of journalist-fans, and intra-franchise fandom” by Matt Hills
    • 3:55pm – “Advanced Fandom: Love, Loss, Twitter and Trolldom” by Heather Berberet
    • 4:10pm – “Asexuality, Aromanticism and Doctor Who” by Mikayla Micomonaco
    • 4:25pm – Panel Q&A (followed by a 10 minute break)
  • Narrative and genre elements of Doctor Who
    • 4:50pm – “Doctor Who and the Canon of Evil” by Dave Ringo Miano
    • 5:05pm – “Time Can Be Rewritten: Meddling and Morals” by Tom Dickinson
    • 5:20pm – “Listen!: The Sound of Doctor Who” by Derek Kompare
    • 5:35pm – Panel Q&A (followed by a 10 minute break)
  • Memory, history, and culture in Doctor Who
    • 6:00pm – “The Laws of Rassilon” by Lizbeth Myles
    • 6:15pm – “Memory and Identity in the Moffat Era” by Jack Arnal
    • 6:30pm – “Your Mechanical Life: Cybermen vs. Steampunk” by Nicole Carlson
    • 6:45pm – Panel Q&A

Evening Program at Gallifrey One 2019

While we work on our daytime programming (not just discussion panels but a LOT more), we’re happy to announce that we’ve confirmed our evening program tracks for this year. Some of the great things you’ll find going on in our evening block (after 8:00pm Thursday, and after 7:00pm Friday & Saturday night) include:

  • The Gallifrey One 2019 Thirtieth Anniversary Launch Party: Join us, and your fellow attendees, on Thursday night at 8:00pm on the convention level as we once again get things going with our massive launch party, ice cream social and mixer. Last year we had over a thousand people already on site (including many of our guests) for this memorable pre-convention function.  Like the rest of the convention, badges will be checked (you can pick up yours on Thursday during our pre-convention Registration hours, 3:00pm-6:00pm and 8:00pm-10:00pm, in order to attend the party!)
  • Three Nights of Karaoke: Gallifrey One’s popular karaoke nights will take place this year in Program B, aka the Meridian Ballroom on the hotel lobby level (with easy access to the bar!)  This includes karaoke at 10:00pm on Thursday night immediately after the Launch Party, and Friday & Saturday nights after 9:30pm. Our karaoke runs very late (it’s been known to creep up on the break of dawn) so make sure you stop by!  (Badges will be checked even though this is not on the convention level, so make sure you have yours.)
  • The Idiot’s Lantern: Gallifrey One’s very popular annual stage variety show is still on Friday night, but this year it’s in primetime… beginning at 8:30pm on our main stage in Program A. Join us as we explore the comical side of Doctor Who and fandom through a number of different sketches and styles.
  • Mysterious Theatre 337: The Doctor Who pastiche on Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back on Friday night in the main stage at 10:30pm… and this year, it’s going back to classic Who with a show centered around the William Hartnell “classic” The Ark.  This is a fully scripted performance and is always a lot of fun.
  • Friday & Saturday Evening Panels: By popular demand, we’re featuring evening discussion panels both nights!  Friday night’s panels will run 7:00pm (immediately following daytime programming) to 11:00pm, while Saturday night we’ll have panels from 8:00pm-11:00pm.  Discussion panel topics to be announced when the main schedule debuts this January.
  • The Game of Rassilon: Also back from last year, Friday at 7:00pm immediately after daytime programming, join us in Program B as five very funny people play the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game for your amusement.
  • The Cornell Collective: Paul Cornell’s late-night chat show with hand-picked guests is once again on Friday night at 11:00pm, for some late night laughs and fun!
  • The Torchwood 4 Cabal Party: The famous Friday night cocktail party off the pool deck hosted by the Torchwood 4 Cabal is once again back for fun, cocktails and laughter!  Details on the party to be announced soon.  (Adults only please!)
  • Revenge of the Big Fat Timey Wimey Doctor Who Quiz of the Year: The brain-bending fan gathering is back Friday night in an action-packed pub quiz & social mixer sponsored by a variety of regional Doctor Who fan organizations: The Real Time Lords of Orange County, Allons-Y! Los Angeles, Mile High Who, The Order of Gallifrey, Gallifreyan Expatriate Society, and The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles.
  • The 2019 Masquerade of MandragoraOur showcase event on Saturday night at 8:30pm… enjoy a procession of costumes from Doctor Who and the science fiction & fantasy world on our main stage, as costumers display their talents and compete for best-in-show and other awards.  Tony Lee returns to host the evening’s festivities.  See the next story below!
  • Would I Lie To You?: While our Masquerade judges are making their decisions, the evening’s “half-time” entertainment this year is a rousing game of Would I Lie To You?, a lively Gallifrey One version of the popular UK game show where contestants have to bluff about their deepest secrets…the opposing team have to find out which ones are true.  Paul Cornell hosts with some special guests!
  • The Disco Who Fell To Earth: Back on Saturday night where it belongs… DJ Shawn Crosby spins lots of old favorites and classic standards as we clear our main auditorium for our annual dance!  The dance starts about 15-20 minutes after the end of the Masquerade.

And of course, we’ll have more!  Social gatherings, evening panels and more, all to be confirmed in the weeks to come.

The 2019 Masquerade of Mandragora

As noted above, Gallifrey One’s Saturday night festivities will include our traditional convention centerpiece, a star-studded gala hosted by our long-time guest Tony Lee that begins at 8:30pm on our main stage.  As we clear our main auditorium at 7:00pm, there will once again be lines to enter Program A for the Masquerade starting at that time (we usually seat starting at 8:15); those who wish to have close-up seats should line up, but please note that we have always managed to seat everyone for the event.

Prospective contestants in this year’s Masquerade should review our Masquerade page here on our website. (Note two changes: this year, the mandatory Participant Meeting will be at noon Saturday in Program F; also, we’ve returned workmanship judging to 7:00pm in the Masquerade green room.)  Complete rules and information are located at that page.  The Masquerade Registration desk will be open on Friday 11:00am-6:00pm, and Saturday morning 10:00am-12:00pm, and is located at the junction of the Exhibitor Table hallway with the main foyer, near Member Services.

Children’s Programming

Gallifrey One’s Children’s Programming Room is for children aged 6 to 12 along with their parents, involving all kinds of activities for children to enjoy; there will always be something to do, and where kids will enjoy themselves and have fun! With programs ranging from making a Golden Snitch to creating their famous Frankenstuffies, our children’s programming team is doing a fresh take this year by combining new and old, with fun and innovative activities that are sure to create a wonderful time for kids and adults alike. From making Rey’s staff from Star Wars, to tie-dye “without the dye,” making a Golden Snitch or a Pokeball, making your own galaxy in a bottle or creating sonic screwdrivers, your own fez, building a TARDIS or a Dalek from Lego or creating your own journal like River Song’s, there will always be something to do.

The Gallifrey One Children’s Program is not a child-minding service: it is programming for kids. The children’s program will operate a sign-in facility for children who are convention ticketholders; they can be signed in for a maximum of four hours at a time (everyone needs a break!) allowing your child to have his/her own convention time. Younger children are welcome in the continual company of their parents.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Update for Discussion Panelists

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be on panels during our 2019 Discussion Panel track. We’re happy to say that we had an enormous outreach from people requesting panel slots this year.

We will be working on panel assignments over the next several weeks and will be making our final announcements in conjunction with the release of our first-draft Schedule of Events, sometime in mid-January. We ask that all prospective panelists please be patient; panel assignments is a complex process that also involves our guests (who receive priority on panels they wish to participate in).  It also often times depends on our headline guests, and this year is taking longer than ever before to confirm some of our headliners.

More updates soon!