Important Reminders About Your Ticket

Gallifrey One would like to remind our returning attendees, and provide some much needed guidance to first-timers, about your convention ticket; we know some of this can be confusing, so keep all of this in mind as you prepare for your trip to our convention next month:

  • We don’t send paper tickets or any confirmation in the mail; your EventBrite receipt or your transfer confirmation email are all you need (we recommend printing yours out just to make sure you have documentation).  This means you do not need to be concerned at all about the barcodes or QR codes from EventBrite; we simply don’t use them.
  • Our registration list has your name and address on it.  All we require when you check in is photo ID; the aforementioned receipts are simply for your own peace of mind, and in case there is an error in our database.  (And really, we don’t need change of address sent to us if you’ve recently moved; your photo matching your name is what matters!  We just ask about your prior address if there is an issue in our system.)
  • Finally, please note that any changes you make through EventBrite itself don’t reach us.  We only use EventBrite for our initial download, shortly after tickets sell out, and we don’t go back to that database again.

Checking in at Gallifrey One is very easy and simple, and takes very little time… show up, give us your details, we’ll run off your badge.  Your convention badge is all you need for access to the convention throughout the weekend.  (If you’ve bought tickets to the guest receptions, photo ops or other passes, you will want to keep that handy as the convention does not have record of that, only the sponsors.)  You can pick up your badge Thursday 3pm-6pm or 8pm-10pm; Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm; and Sunday 9am-1pm.

A Few More Updates…

We’re happy to announce three more returning featured program guests for this year’s convention: GREG WEISMAN, comic and animation series writer (Young Justice); SAM WATTS, best known as the composer for the music on The Sarah Jane Adventures; and MARC SCOTT ZICREE, long time science fiction television writer and creator of the forthcoming Space Command.  Sam will be with us all weekend; Greg and Marc will appear on Saturday.

We’d also like to remind you that the Titan Comics Exclusive Gallifrey One Covers are still available for reservation!  You can visit this page and check them out; make sure you get your reservation for one or both as soon as possible!

Gallifrey One 2019 Program Preview

And now, today’s main attraction. We’re happy to present the Program Preview for our upcoming convention, Gallifrey One: 30 Years in the TARDIS next month! Gallifrey One is more than just a show with actors speaking on stage… it’s a convention, with tons of content not just for spectators but for participants as well. Our program is what we think has kept many of our attendees coming back year after year since 1990, and we put a lot of work into it.

While we’re still a few days away from releasing the detailed schedule of events (you can expect that later this week!), the following are some (but certainly not all) of the amazing things you can look forward to at this year’s convention.

Thirty Years in the TARDIS: The Gallifrey One 2019 Launch Party – Thursday night at 8:00pm, Gallifrey One 2019 begins with our special pre-convention launch party; join your fellow attendees for a great ice cream social, take advantage of the cash bar on the convention floor, stick around to catch up with friends and make new ones! Ticketholders can pick up their convention badge on Thursday (3pm-6pm or 8pm-10pm); you must have it to join us for the pre-convention events!

Main Stage Programming – Interviews, Q&A sessions, large group panels and special surprises: our main stage track features events with all of our major guests and runs all day each of the three days of the convention. Many people have enjoyed the convention by just staying put in the main program room… and this year we’re once again putting on a show you’ll enjoy all weekend long. 

The Bob May Memorial Charity Auction – Gallifrey One’s annual charity event, taking place starting Sunday at noon. This year, as we’ve announced, the charity auction – as always, named in honor of our dear friend Bob May from “Lost in Space” – will be benefitting the LASFS Building Fund; full details on our Charity Auction page. Donations for the auction are always accepted (see the Auction page for complete details on what we’re looking for); you can drop off your donations at the first door down the Exhibitor Table hallway.

Live Commentaries – This year we’re featuring three directors’ commentaries of recent Doctor Who stories, with times to be announced:

  • “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” Live Commentary with director Jamie Childs, moderated by Deborah Stanish of the Verity! Podcast  (Friday afternoon)
  • The Definitive “Heaven Sent”, a live commentary and discussion of the making of the Peter Capaldi serial with director Rachel Talalay and former series writer Sarah Dollard (Sunday morning)
  • “Resolution” Live Commentary with director Wayne Yip and ‘voice of the Daleks’ Nicholas Briggs (Sunday afternoon)

Discussion Panel Track – As previously posted, we have a large and very eclectic list of panel discussions taking place all weekend at the convention, on various elements of Doctor Who, its spinoff series, and science fiction television, gaming, costuming and fandom. From Doctor Who at the Eleventh Hour, Jodie and the Yorkshire Cats and The Chibnall Era and the Days of Yesteryear to I am the Master and You Will Obey Me, Doctor Who Crossover: Musicals Edition, Mary Poppins: Time Lady and Drunk Whovian History!, and a ton of panels on SF TV, film, comics, cosplay, fandom, collecting, props and more… we have dozens of discussion panels over all three days, including both Friday and Saturday nights!  For a full list of panels on our discussion track being offered this year, see the list here.

Radio Free Skaro: VidFIRE and Fury! – The now-traditional opening act of Gallifrey One’s Friday programming (this year at 10:00am in the main auditorium) with a live show featuring our official podcast; join the Three Who Rule as they welcome Colin Baker, Pearl Mackie, and the members of the Doctor Who Restoration Team: Steve Roberts, Mark Ayres, Paul Vanezis and Richard Molesworth.

Time Lord Timelines: An Academic Symposium – On Friday afternoon, Gallifrey One is proud to bring you our first-ever symposium on Doctor Who academic topics, a special presentation of short lectures by convention attendees on a variety of topics, selected by our own academic chairs Paul Booth and Joy Piedmont, including The Fandom Hierarchy: Women of Color’s Fight for Visibility in Fandom Spaces, Doctor Who and the Canon of Evil, Listen! The Sound of Doctor Who, The Laws of Rassilon and much more!  You can find a list of this year’s Academia panels here.

Titan Comics at Gallifrey One: This year, Chris Thompson of Titan Comics will present three discussions, each with a selection of guests, about their ongoing Doctor Who comics work: on the main stage, Titan’s annual “Doctor Who Comics Presentation,” plus in panel rooms throughout the weekend, Creating the Thirteenth Doctor Comic” and Inside the Writers’ Studio.

Guest Events & Presentations – Many of our Doctor Who guests as well as other guests (both local and from abroad) will be taking place in several presentations in addition to the discussion track we’ve already announced.  Steve Roberts, Mark Ayres, Richard Molesworth and Paul Vanezis present “Who Needs the Restoration Team?,” a look at the restoration work and preservation done for classic Doctor Who serials; prop designer Nick Robatto shows slides of his work, including building the sonic screwdrivers; Gigi Edgley speaks about her work on the forthcoming film Hashtag and her time on Farscape; composer Blair Mowat gives you a behind-the-scenes look about producing television music scores, including his work on Class; Chris Chapman focuses on his work making Doctor Who documentaries; Edward Russell takes you inside his many years working as the Doctor Who brand manager, including his interactions with former Doctor Who executive producers; Stuart Manning brings you a slide show on his famous Doctor Who posters and designs; Patricia Tallman speaks about her experiences as a stunt performer; Jon Davey updates his presentation from last year, taking you behind the scenes as creature and monster performer; and Marc Scott Zicree joins us to debut the first half of the pilot of his new series Space Command.  

Science Programs – This year we focus on three science presentations in our panel program: an update on Mars projects, including InSight, Curiosity and Mars 2020 with Kim Steadman & Sarah Milkovich of JPL; Trina Ray of JPL gives us a look at Enceladus, the exciting ice covered moon of Saturn; and Anita Sengupta of Hyperloop Technologies discusses “smart cities” and mobility of the future!

Guest Discussion Panels – Many of our guests will take place in major discussion panels, too! You can look forward to “Nevertheless, She Regenerated,” a discussion about Doctor Who leading the way for more representation of women both in front of (as The Doctor, no less) and behind the camera as writers and directors; “The Power of Comic Books,” a discussion about the impact comics have on our lives; “Production from Start to Screen,” a walk through of the process of turning a great story into a TV series or film; “The Secrets of the TV Writers’ Room,” your inside look at how the creatives from television shows come together to break out a season of fun; “British TV & Film Today,” a roundtable of guests from both sides of the camera sharing stories about acting and filmmaking; “The Minstrels of the Doctor Who Universe,” bringing our three musical guests together to compare notes on their experiences composing for Doctor Who, Class and The Sarah Jane Adventures“Special Features: The Doctor Who DVD & BluRay Extras,” a discussion about all those amazing special features that have made it onto Doctor Who releases; a look into “The Crazy Canon of Doctor Who; a panel discussing the offerings (and future) of Legendary Comics; a discussion entitled Star Wars Before Star Wars: How the Media Covered a Classic in the Making”“Laugh Hard, Run Fast, Be Kind: Writing Science-Fiction Comedy,” a follow-up to last year’s panel; and “The Women Who Lived,” a celebration of women who have made Doctor Who what it is today, featuring a panel hosted by writers Christel Dee & Simon Guerrier.

This or ThatStar Wars or Star Trek? The Beatles or the Stones? Get to know three of our guests on a new level as Kim Rogers and Sage Young of Head Over Feels return to administer the ultimate personality test on Saturday to our guests Pearl Mackie, Rosie Jane and Nicola Bryant.

The Cornell Collective – Paul Cornell hosts another edition of his Friday late night, raucous, 18-rated talk show about all things Who.

Pop Culture Hero Coalition – Once again, Chase Masterson brings her popular panel to Gallifrey One, discussing the latest work of this important charity organization and how they are tackling the issues of bullying and harassment head on. 

The Masquerade of Mandragora 2019, featuring Would I Lie To You? – Our Saturday night showcase, once again hosted by Tony Lee: enjoy a procession of costumes from Doctor Who and the science fiction & fantasy world on our main stage, as costumers display their talents and compete for best-in-show and other awards. Then, while our judges go off to judge this year’s entries, we’re featuring a main stage take on Would I Lie To You?, a lively Gallifrey One version of the popular UK game show where contestants have to bluff about their deepest secrets…the opposing team have to find out which ones are true, hosted by Paul Cornell and featuring guests of the convention. All entrants displaying their costumes in the Masquerade this year must register on Friday at the Masquerade Desk in the Exhibitor Table Hallway; note that the mandatory meeting for Masquerade participants this year is on Saturday morning. See the Masquerade page for full details.

The Ghost Monument Disco: Back on Saturday night by popular demand… DJ Shawn Crosby spins lots of old favorites and classic standards as we clear our main auditorium for our annual dance!  The dance starts about 15-20 minutes after the end of the Masquerade.

The Idiot’s Lantern – Now launching our Friday night entertainment, we’re happy to welcome back the annual Idiot’s Lantern Sketch Show on our main stage, Friday night at 8:30pm. Join our featured players as they explore the comical side of Doctor Who and fandom through a number of different sketches and styles.

Mysterious Theatre 337: “The Ark” – The Doctor Who pastiche on Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back on Friday night in the main stage at 10:30pm… and this year, it’s going back to classic Who with a show centered around the William Hartnell “classic” The Ark. This is a fully scripted performance and is always a lot of fun.

Revenge of the Big Fat Timey Wimey Doctor Who Quiz of the Year: The brain-bending fan event is back! Join us for another fun, action-packed, and interactive take on the average ‘pub quiz,’ testing your mastery of Classic and New Who…and beyond! Come out on top, and you and your team of 4-6 people will win prizes and bragging rights. Don’t have a team? We’ll help match you up with other players to complement your expertise! Everyone who takes part will get an exclusive event ribbon to add to your collection; stick around after the quiz and mingle with other players!  Brought to you by The Real Time Lords of Orange County, Allons-Y! Los Angeles, Mile High Who, The Order of Gallifrey, Gallifreyan Expatriate Society, and The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles.

The Complete Doctor Puppet Screening – Doctor Puppet is a fan series like no other. Over five years in the making, it tells an original Doctor Who story through the art of stop motion animation, accompanied by original music. On Friday afternoon, join director Alisa Stern, with Scott Ampleford, Erin Natal, Rachel Gitlevich and Amanda Zoe, for a special screening of the complete series, followed by a Q&A. All 14 Doctor Puppets will also be on display.

How We Built Him: Dalek Rel – Take a look inside the making of a Dalek… one roaming the halls of Gallifrey One!  Pat Harper and Nigel Strike will show you the process of design and construction of their amazing prop.

Doctor Who Pointless – A version of the BBC game show hosted by Paul Cornell, on Friday evening, where Gallifrey One attendee contestants in teams of two have to guess which correct answers have been picked by the fewest of 100 responses.

Verity! Podcast’s “In Defense Of” – In this diabolical combination of “Just a Minute” and passionate fan opinion, volunteer panelists pulled from the audience will have 60 seconds to defend a topic, position, or character with the utmost positivity. Sound easy? Take your chances at this hilarious panel. Hosted by Deborah Stanish, Erika Ensign, Katrina Griffiths, Lizbeth Myles and Lynne Thomas.

Arne Starr’s Inside the Sci-Fi Universe – Arne Starr presents his annual look at the best of science fiction film trailers for current and future releases in a cinema near you (Sunday).

Fan Video Happy Hour – YouTube has an endless array of fan-made music videos for every ‘ship and character in the Doctor Who Universe. Join us Friday afternoon for a showcase of the best Doctor Who fan videos on the internet. Bring your evening cocktails and come feel all the feels. You’ll never listen to “A Whole New World” the same way again.

Karaoke Every Night – As we’ve done the past few years, we once again present no less than three nights of karaoke… join us for lots of fun that’s been known to go all night long (dawn patrol, watch out!)  This year, Karaoke takes place up in Program B — the ballroom right off the main hotel lobby, next to the bar, beginning Thursday and Friday nights at 9:30pm, and Saturday night just before the end of the Masquerade.

“The Game of Rassilon” – It’s Dungeons & Dragons, but a little more timey-wimey… we’ve again gathered five very funny people to play the game for your amusement on Friday evening at 7:00pm! What misadventure will the Doctor and his (or her!) companions find themselves in this time, and how will they get out? It all depends on the dice…

The Gallifrey One Puppet Show 2019 – Mike Horner brings back his charming Doctor Who themed puppet show, for kids – and adults of all ages! – on Saturday morning at 10am!

The Year in Review: 2018 – Gallifrey One’s annual event that finishes off the weekend, just before Closing Ceremonies: a look back at the last year of Doctor Who in the television press, with stuff from the UK never seen by most American fans – interviews, features and those special moments you won’t want to miss, edited by Matt Dale.

The Science of Doctor Who: Seeing Beyond the Ordinary, Creating the Extraordinary – The fourth annual installment of our special workshop event for kids and teens and their families! It’s a special event Saturday afternoon featuring convention safe and totally unconventional science experiments for the Doctor & Companion to blend every day science with the magic of Doctor Who. Sign-ups begin on February 2 (see above).

Meet-Ups – Program F will be full all weekend with meetups for cosplay groups, organizations, podcasts, fan clubs and more!  This year we’re also having a meet-up for our teen attendees on Friday early evening… stop by and make new friends!  

Big Finish Talkback – An annual event with executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs, on Sunday; it’s your chance to ask questions and provide feedback on the current slate of Doctor Who and other audio productions from Big Finish.

Eric Hoffman Presents – A 30-year old tradition at Gallifrey One, our own tribute master presents two slide show at this year’s convention, looking back at the bygone eras of early classic Doctor Who – one Friday, one Saturday.

Circular Gallifreyan Workshop – Shawna Hafen brings back her Gallifreyan calligraphy workshop… come find out how to write Time Lord style!

Dealers Room & Autograph Alley – Gallifrey One’s Dealers Room is our cavalcade of the best Doctor Who and science fiction & fantasy merchandise, featuring over 35 dealers (including several of our sponsors) and many of our additional guests with their own tables; we’ve also added even more dealers this year to our lineup including Arizmendi Jewelers, The Doctor’s Closet, Mombie Zombie, Ms. Formaldehyde and Unique Dice Towers! Sponsor autographs will take place at the sponsors’ tables; meanwhile, our non-sponsored guests and many local pros will have autograph sessions announced in our program at specified times (to be announced).

Art Show & Auction – Come and be dazzled by the best of Doctor Who, science fiction and fantasy illustration and creativity in the 30th annual Gallifrey One Art Show! The Art Show will be open on Friday and Saturday all day long for browsing and bidding on art pieces. Then on Sunday at 10:30am, we present the Art Show Auction, with pieces that have achieved a certain number of bids up for auction.

Kaffeeklatsches – Once again, Gallifrey One is pleased to present these intimate sessions with one or more guests and up to 12 participants, chatting over coffee about their work and their latest projects. From Doctor Who writers and production staff to selected actors and more, the Kaffeeklatsch sessions are hugely popular and many fill up early. Online sign-ups open at 12:00 Noon PST on Saturday February 2 (see above); keep an eye on this website for details. Sessions that don’t fill up will be open again for sign-ups on Friday morning at 10am at the Kaffeeklatsch Desk, located right next to Member Services and next to the elevators on the convention floor.

Photo Studio – All weekend our Photo Studio will be open for photo ops with many of our guests. Photo op sales are now open at the Convention Photo Shoots website, and photo ops will also be available for purchase on site. (Note: we are still working on pre-sales with a few guests so keep checking the website for details.)

Sam Stone’s Writing Workshop – Author Sam Stone brings back her Writing Workshop on Sunday afternoon (a two hour block)… come learn the tools of the trade!

Gaming – Join us for board gaming, card games and other special gaming fun in our Gaming Suite, located on the convention floor. The gaming schedule will be posted on the website soon.

Children’s Programming – Our Children’s Programming room features arts and crafts for youngsters, all in the spirit of Doctor Who fun – and parents are welcome too! We’ll preview all the fun you can expect out of Children’s Programming soon!

Video Room – Our annual video room will be back again and running all weekend (from 9am each day until late!)

TARDIS Photo Area – This year, we have a brand new TARDIS available for photos in the Dealers Room… provided by AZTARDIS, this new blue box will be available for photos (please donate to the box next to the display!) The TARDIS Lounge this year is once again inside the Dealers Room, and will again be accessible only during Dealers Room hours.  (Note: Gallifrey One’s on-stage TARDIS in our Program A main hall is not available for photos!)

Costume Repair & Cosplay Backdrops – Once again, our cosplay backdrops will be located in the hallways and other areas (identified on the convention floor map in your program) for you to take your own photos. Also, if you’re one of our many cosplayers, we have a costume repair station/workshop area outside the rear door to the Dealers Room.

Girl Scout Cookies! – Gallifrey One is happy to support the local community as we welcome back the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, who will have a table in the back of the Dealers Room to sell these delectable treats to our attendees. Show your support for a good cause!

Additional Social Events at Gallifrey One 2019 – Gallifrey One is a huge social event spanning Doctor Who fandom across the country and around the world. Besides all of the events we have planned, there are many others: before the con starts, on Thursday afternoon there’s the annual In N’ Out Burger Run; then, after things get started, you’ll find lively gatherings in the Marriott lobby (which some folks still call ‘Lobbycon’), meet-ups for cosplayers and ribbon traders on the patio and in the foyer, and the Torchwood 4 Cabal’s annual Friday night cocktail party in the rooms next to our Hospitality Suite (and this party is truly the stuff of legends!) 

The complete Gallifrey One Schedule of Events with event times & locations, meet-ups, photo ops and more will be released later this week so stay tuned!