We’re very sad to have to announce that Pearl Mackie will not be able to join us this month as originally planned, due to a new acting gig she’s just been offered. Her agent and our guest sponsors looked at every available option to see we could work around it so she could be here, but the scheduling issues have made it clear it was just not meant to be this year. She’s asked us to give her best wishes to everyone who was looking forward to seeing her this year (and last), and hopes to be with us in in a future year.
Also, “Class” actors Fady Elsayed and Jordan Renzo have both unfortunately had to withdraw from the convention due to new work commitments.
We always have to remember that such is the life (and complicated schedule) of working actors today… we love having them with us, but their careers always come first. We trust everyone understands this!
We’ll be making a few updates to the convention schedule throughout the week to accommodate the changes. We *may* be able to also add one or two additional guests, if at all possible. As soon as we have that sorted out, we’ll let you all know. (Please, though: no ‘suggestions’ on guests; we’ve got that covered, and don’t need any suggestions or speculation.)
For those who have bought add-on packages: Diamond Passes with Pearl Mackie, and any photos with these actors, will be refunded by the sponsors. For the evening guest receptions, those in the sessions that featured Pearl Mackie will be provided autographed photos (by Pearl) brought to the convention, while we make alternate guest arrangements. In the meanwhile, please contact info@conventionphotoshoots.com with any questions you may have (unfortunately, as they handle those add-on packages, we’re not able to answer those questions ourselves.)
Needless to say, we’re still very excited about our amazing guest lineup and program this year, and we hope you are as well. More news soon!