Tickets for The 31 Flavours of Gallifrey One are now ON SALE.  

The costs of tickets to Gallifrey One 2020 are:

  • $110.00 Adult Full Weekend
  • $60.00 Teen Full Weekend (Ages 12-16)
  • $30.00 Child Full Weekend (Ages 3-11)

In addition, there is a small EventBrite processing fee which is added to each ticket ordered ($6.22 per adult ticket, less for the others).

IMPORTANT: You may opt out of our online Attendee Search database during your ticket purchase; however, this will make your ticket ineligible for resale. The reasons for this can be found here (scroll down to the “Ticket Resales and the Online Attendee List” section).

Tickets for 2020 are available for purchase through EventBrite by clicking on the button below. We strongly encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions below; purchase of tickets to our events includes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions!

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Ticket Terms and Conditions

As a condition of purchase of tickets to Gallifrey One conventions, you must accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Refunds are not allowed under any circumstances. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • Resales of tickets (formerly called transfers) are permitted beginning in October 2019, subject to these conditions:
    • You are permitted to resell your ticket SOLELY AT THE COST YOU ORIGINALLY PAID (i.e. you may not profit in any way from the sale). A ticket may only be resold once.
    • You must conduct the sale of your ticket on your own. 
    • Once you do resell your ticket, the seller needs to fill out our resale form; the form will be located on our Ticket Resales page.
    • After online resales close, in-person resales are allowed, but only with the current ticket holder present in person to initiate the resale.
    • Tickets purchased on EventBrite that were marked as “opt out” of the online Attendee List are ineligible for resale. Purchase of tickets to Gallifrey One 2020 specifically stated this during the process and was a required choice to check out.
  • Deferrals of tickets to subsequent years are not permitted, except under extreme emergency circumstances (such as death in family or hospitalization); in these cases, deferrals will be considered ONLY if it is requested prior to five (5) days before the start of the convention, and ONLY after approval is granted following the event by our Board of Directors. Weather issues including flight cancellations are not sufficient grounds to defer tickets, although you are welcome to contact us with your specific situation. We will not guarantee deferrals to anyone.

Please note that any attempt by an individual to challenge the legitimate purchase of a ticket by disputing the charge with their bank or financial institution will result in the permanent ban of that person from this convention. Remember: all ticket buyers agree to the “no refunds” policy and other terms & conditions upon confirming the sale of each ticket. You have been warned.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you sell out so quickly, why don’t you move to a new venue?

Gallifrey One is a not a professional show or a large industry trade show; it is a fan convention, with a staff composed entirely of volunteers… some of whom work year-round to put the convention together. With our current attendance at just under four thousand people (including our attendees, staff and guests), we feel it is at the maximum size it can be without adversely impacting the jobs, lives and families of those who dedicate countless hours voluntarily each year more than it already does. We also have a long-term and very beneficial partnership with the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel. We are very happy with the way things are and enjoy running the convention we wish to run. 

We give advance notice of the exact time and date we sell tickets every year at least a month in advance. Tickets for our 2019 convention were on sale for over two days… just pay attention to the sales date and you’ll be able to get tickets!

Why do you not offer any refunds?

Fan run conventions like ours budget for our expenses every year based on convention pre-registration; therefore, when you register for the convention, the funds you provide are allocated immediately… for things like guest expenses (air travel & hoteling), publications, technical expenses (lighting and sound) and other stuff that makes our event unique (like ribbons, signs and decoration). Refunding memberships may make us fall short of our expectations and our contracts, causing considerable financial concerns.