“What happens next?” you may ask.

Our ticket and hotel sales are just the start of the adventure for most of you, but for the small number of us who work on this year-round (our Board of Directors), the hotel sales day is the end of a long stretch of convention business that runs the six month period from November to April. We’ve just finished paying off all our bills from 2019’s convention, thanked our guests, and closed up the book on another great year. Thus officially begins our “vacation” period for each year, as our Board members and team move to work on other projects and recharge the batteries!

That doesn’t mean we’re disappearing entirely, however. We still work on guest invitations during the summer, and we expect to feature our first guest confirmations sometime in the next few months, with more following in the autumn. We’ll post these in all the usual places (this website, our Twitter handle, and the Facebook 2020 event page).

Also, this year we’re going to be putting convention T-shirts and tote bags up for sale far earlier than ever before… as soon as the designs are ready this summer, the order process will begin. Don’t worry if you’re not paying attention at the time; we’ll be pre-selling them through mid-January and of course will have some for sale on site, too. We do NOT sell out of T-shirt and tote bag pre-orders so you have plenty of time.

Sometime after Labor Day in September, we’ll begin ramping up toward 2020’s convention. There will be a panelist call around that time for our fan discussion track (a regular and very popular part of Gallifrey One where YOU, our attendees, are part of the convention program). We’re doing things a bit differently this year; instead of taking requests for specific panels, we will be inviting participants into the process based upon the panelist call. You’ll find details about that when the call opens, along with some other major program changes for next time.

Guest updates will continue after that, along with programming updates and more. The science workshops and kaffeeklatsch signups will happen in January, too, as will autograph and photo op pre-sales, TARDIS Tags and Diamond Passes for specific guests, and of course our fabulous evening receptions sponsored by Showmasters Events.

This year, we’re going to try to do a little better on our information focus, like communicating dates and deadlines so they don’t get lost in the jumble. There will be fewer all-encompassing news stories and posts, where you have to scroll through to find the info you want, along with better updating of our main website so you can find things at a glance. (You’ll notice that the Attendee Guide is now online year-round, for starters.) The other thing you’ll probably notice is fewer replies to individual Facebook posts and responses to tweets; we think it’s better for everyone if we communicate to the enter convention writ large. Questions are best directed to us via email at contactus@gallifreyone.com

All of that and more is coming down the road, after our summer break! We invite you to check back via our website or social media periodically until the fall, and more frequently toward the end of 2019.

In the meanwhile, we’d also like to remind you about a few other events that are extremely important to us:

  • Many of the people behind Gallifrey One are involved in this year’s World Fantasy Convention 2019, taking place October 31 to November 3.
  • Also, at the end of November (the 29th through December 1), of course, is LA’s annual regional science fiction convention, Loscon, sponsored by one of our favorite organizations, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.
  • And of course… this December, our friends at Showmasters are bringing their first Star Wars themed event, EmpireCon, to Los Angeles over the December 6-8 weekend.

All three events will be held at Gallifrey One’s home, the Marriott LAX Hotel, so you know where to find them.

And of course, we still have tickets on sale for this year. Not a huge number, but enough for the stragglers, and fans who aren’t yet sure if they can attend. We expect to sell the rest of our tickets around our guest announcements, so you have some time if you’re still thinking about it. (Ticket resales, for those who may need them, will open up at the end of the year, but we don’t expect any demand for this until we sell out the convention.)

We can’t wait to bring you the 2020 Gallifrey One convention. Stay tuned for announcements later this year, and have a great summer!