21 Mar 2014

Important: Registration Sellout

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As expected, the 2015 Gallifrey One convention is sold out.  As not expected (and startling to even those of us who run it), it sold out in 75 minutes purely on the strength of its reputation, with not a single guest announced.  This is not usual for Doctor Who conventions so we think we must have been doing something right for the past 25 years… and we did our best on this website, Facebook and Twitter to warn everyone that, while last year sold out in 12 days, this could be much, much quicker. Was it ever!

That said, we appreciate the support we get from the Doctor Who community, and have a few things to share for those of you who did get tickets… and many of you who didn’t.  Read on…

Are you sold out now?  Can I still get a ticket?

Yes, we are completely sold out for 2015 and will not be offering any more tickets at any price sold by the convention.

That said, yes, you will still have ample chance to still get a ticket when we open up Ticket Transfers this autumn. Over 400 people successfully transferred their tickets after deciding they couldn’t go after all in 2014, and over 400 people successfully purchased those tickets at cost from the sellers. We go into detail on our Registration page about what is involved in ticket transfers, as well as very specific rules & regulations governing transfers.  A secondary space will be set up this summer on our Facebook page for those looking for registration transfers or looking to sell their tickets (do not post requests immediately; these will be removed until we set up our page this summer!)

Am I registered?

The searchable Registrant Search page is now open, and you can check to see if you’re on it; search by last name, first name or even badge name.  If you aren’t on this list and you feel you should be, we urge you to let us know via the Contact Us page immediately.  (You will be contacted for proper documentation to support your claim to a ticket.)

I haven’t received a registration confirmation email

We let everyone know weeks ago that there could be many reasons why you don’t get one immediately… spam-blocking, your email service, etc.  Do not panic; you will eventually get your receipt.  However, in order to alleviate your concerns, you’re welcome to check the Registrant Search page to make sure you show up on it.  If you don’t, then you should use the Contact Us page immediately.

I got double-billed / received a confirmation with someone else’s info on it

We are aware that, due to a hiccup on the servers at Member Solutions today (which experienced unprecedented traffic this morning – we wonder why!), there were a number of people who received incorrect information on their registration confirmations, as well as a few people who may have been double billed due to service timeouts.  If this is the case for you and you have not already emailed us about it then please do so using the Contact Us page.  Member Solutions is dealing with each of these issues as they are presented to them through us, and we are ensuring that everyone affected will be able to come to the convention.  We won’t leave anyone in these situations out in the cold.

I’m angry you’re sold out / Find a new venue / I’m Entitled! / Etc.

Gallifrey One is a fan convention. Let’s explain how fan conventions work. Every human being involved in this convention is a volunteer — we do this on our spare time.  We are not paid employees.  We are fans just like you, with one minor difference… we got off our butts and put on a show 25 years ago, and never stopped. Doing this sort of thing takes personal money; tons of meetings; hours behind our computers on evenings & weekends; valuable vacation time away from work; making promises to dozens of guests in writing that require large sums of money (and losing sleep over it in the process; ask our program director who literally doesn’t sleep for six weeks prior to the convention each year!); and so forth. We do this not for money (we certainly don’t make any; we are a registered California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) but for the love of the show only. We do not and cannot serve the entire Doctor Who fan community. Our convention is, simply put, at the maximum size it can be that allows our all-volunteer staff to run it every February without it adversely impacting our jobs, our lives, our families (at least, any more than it already does)… and we have absolutely no interest in growing the convention beyond its current size. Thank you for your opinions on the matter, but please note that emails to this effect (“find another venue!” etc.) will go unanswered; we think we’ve been clear enough about this. You’re welcome to try another Doctor Who convention.

So what are you planning for 2015?

We’re glad you asked.  We’re already working on some big guests that we’ll be announcing this summer, and have plenty of irons in the fire.  Plan for another three days of amazing fun from start to finish… and some incredible surprises in store.  If you thought 2014 was great, just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for 2015…