Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really sold out?

Yes; all tickets were sold out on the day they went on sale, and all transfers have been completed. No admission is possible on site except for those who already have tickets in their own name. We will announce the exact date and time tickets go on sale for 2016 immediately after our 2015 convention.

Can I reserve space in the Gallifrey One Art Show?

As of September 1, 2014, space reservations are now available in the Gallifrey One 2015 Art Show. Please see the Art Show page for full details including a space reservation form and rules & regulations of the show.

Are there advertising opportunities at Gallifrey One?

Yes.  Please check out our Program Book Advertising page for more details.

I have an idea for a panel or event, or want to be on a panel.  How do I go about doing this?

Contact us via our website contact form.  We are no longer putting out general panel solicitations or panelist calls, as we have a large group of people we have come to rely upon to be on panel programming, and a long list of panels we are interested in programming.  However… that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in hearing from you!  Let us know.

Will you move to a larger space/new venue?

No.  Gallifrey One is a fan convention; our entire staff is composed of volunteers, some of which work year-round to put the convention together, and with our current attendance at roughly 3700 (including our attendees, staff and guests), we feel it is at the maximum size it can be without adversely impacting our jobs, lives and families more than it already does.  We also have a long-term contract with the Marriott LAX and have no plans to move.

Do you offer press passes?  Industry passes?  Professional passes?

Sorry, we are not offering any of these.

Why is the 2015 convention subtitled “26 Seasons”?

Doctor Who, the program we celebrate, ran for 26 seasons during its classic run from 1963-1989, after which it took a long break.  (Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself with Gallifrey One!)

How can I confirm I have tickets to Gallifrey 2015?

You can check to see if you are listed on our Attendee Search page. If you’re listed on that page (search by your last name, first name or even badge name) you have a ticket to the 2015 convention.

I haven’t received anything in the mail; what should I do?

Gallifrey One doesn’t use printed tickets! We use a badge system; you pick up your badge upon arrival at the convention. All you’ll need to check in at the convention is a photo ID. You must wear the badge all weekend for access to the convention floor and all convention -related areas. The convention registration area is on the lower floor of the hotel; take the escalator down from the main lobby. You can pick up your badge beginning Thursday at the convention.  (We do send a reminder postcard in January to every registered attendee, though.)

If I want to see everything, when should I arrive (and leave)?

For most fans with flexibility in their travel plans, to get the most out of Gallifrey One we suggest arriving no later than mid-day Thursday, and departing no earlier than Monday morning.  As of 2014 we now have a pre-convention party/mixer on Thursday evening beginning at 9:00pm, with karaoke happening that night as well.  Besides the scheduled events, we have a very lively social atmosphere, with literally hundreds of attendees participating in the unofficial “LobbyCon” hotel lobby social scene on Thursday and Sunday nights. By Thursday evening, our hotel lobby and bar area is completely full of people, with many podcasters doing live recordings and lots of socializing; at 9pm many of them come down for the opening party. The convention proper begins at 10am on Friday morning and runs through Sunday evening.

Do parents have to accompany children?

Gallifrey One requires all children age 16 or under at our convention to be accompanied by a paid adult.

How do I get a hotel room reserved?

Information about our hotel facilities can be found on the Our Facilities page.  Please note, however, that at this time the Marriott LAX is sold out; however, on that page we offer numerous lodging alternatives, many of which are within a short 5 minute walk from the Marriott.

Will there be an opportunity to have photos taken with a Tardis in 2015?

There are two TARDISes at Gallifrey One. The one on the convention floor is open for photos in the TARDIS Lounge, courtesy its owner Tara Carstensen. (Gallifrey One’s own TARDIS is not available for photos as it is on our main stage.) Please be respectful of all rules posted by Tara, whose support of our convention is very much appreciated.

Why do you not offer any refunds?

Fan run conventions like ours budget for our expenses every year based on convention pre-registration; therefore, when you register for the convention, the funds you provide are allocated immediately… for things like guest expenses (air travel & hoteling), publications, technical expenses (lighting and sound) and other stuff that makes our event unique (like ribbons, signs and decoration). Refunding memberships may make us fall short of our expectations and our contracts, causing considerable financial concerns. We do, however, offer the ability to transfer your ticket to someone else; see the rules and info on the Ticket Transfer page.

Can I get a dealers/sales table for Gallifrey 2015?

Our Dealers Room for 2015 is currently sold out, but please email us if you would like to be added to our wait list for future years. (Please note that dealers tables are only made available when dealers elect to depart; due to little turnover the wait list can take some time.)

Can I get an exhibitors table for Gallifrey 2015?

At this time we are not opening our exhibitor tables to new organizations, since they are currently taken by established groups with long histories of supporting our convention. However, please email us if you would like to be considered for the future.

Is there any cosplay/costuming at Gallifrey One?

Absolutely… tons of cosplay. Gallifrey One has become one of the cosplay events for Doctor Who fans the world over. Visit the Cosplay page for full details.

What’s all this stuff I hear about Ribbons?

Badge ribbons are a huge deal at Gallifrey One these days. There is a great write-up of everything on our Ribbons page, with examples of what to expect and information about making your own ribbons.

Do you take volunteers?

Gallifrey One no longer takes volunteers for the convention, with the exception of on-the-fly assistance from interested convention-goers for setup and teardown; we don’t have an active volunteers program, and do not provide compensation (or free admission).  Instead, Gallifrey One relies entirely upon our own staff.  If you are interested in becoming involved with our staff, and you are age 18 or over, email us through our website; please be sure to list your convention work experience.  (We do not accept any assistance from convention goers under 18.)  We will contact you as needs arise.

What if I have any other questions?

Feel free to email us – we’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Remember, our convention staff are all volunteers, too, so it may take a bit of time for a reply.