Exhibitor Tables

Each year, Gallifrey One hosts a selection of Exhibitor Tables. Located in the hallway outside the dealers room, Exhibitor tables are used by local organizations, conventions and fan clubs to promote their events & functions, and artists who are able to demo their work. Unlike dealers tables, exhibitor tables in the hallways are provided free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. No sales of any merchandise are permitted at exhibitor tables.

To request an exhibitor table, please contact the convention with information about your organization/profession, and what your needs might be. We do not guarantee tables to anyone and will assign as needed. Please note that although tables are free, everyone must be in possession of a full weekend badge in order to use an exhibitor table.  (However, if you are wanting to exhibit and have not yet purchased a ticket, contact us anyway; depending on space we may be willing to make a deal for your participation.)