For Air Travelers

Visitors to Los Angeles may often be startled by the sheer size of our metropolitan area. The closest airport is the one most travelers will choose for obvious reasons: Los Angeles International Airport (also popularly known as “LAX” by its airport code), one of America’s largest and busiest air terminals. All major US carriers and most international carriers fly to LAX, the world’s fourth busiest airport. Virgin Atlantic is served by its own terminal (Terminal 2), while British Airways and most international carriers use the Tom Bradley International Terminal. LAX is also a major hub for United Airlines and American Airlines, both of which each have their own terminals, but Southwest Airlines, Delta, Alaska Airlines, US Airways and Continental all use LAX as a frequent destination. Transcontinental rates aren’t what people usually expect; even a trip between New York and LA can cost only $250 round trip if one checks for specials. While Gallifrey One used to be somewhat distant from this airport, we are now located approximately two minutes off the airport proper at the Marriott Hotel.

Note to LAX Travelers: When you exit the terminal at LAX, proceed to the hotel shuttle area; it’s the median between the inner loop and the outer traffic circle. Look for the signs above the median.

About twenty miles north of us is Bob Hope Airport, also referred to as Burbank Airport. Bob Hope Airport is served primarily by regional carriers; Southwest, United, Alaska, America West and American Airlines all reach Burbank, but it can be a bit more expensive. International flights do not reach Bob Hope Airport. Still, it’s a very easy airport to get in and out of, and serves as the San Fernando Valley’s primary air terminal. You can often find great deals into Bob Hope Airport, and if you’re already renting a car, this can be a decent option.

The Los Angeles region is also served by three additional commercial airports: Long Beach Municipal(approximately 15 miles from the Marriott), Ontario International Airport (approximately 50 miles) and John Wayne International/Orange County Airport (approximately 40 miles). All three are a great distance from the hotel and it’s suggested you avoid them if you’re not familiar with the area. (Exception: Long Beach is the western hub of JetBlue Airways, which can be a savings for those traveling from the East Coast.) Also, please note that Van Nuys Airport, next to our old home the Airtel Plaza Hotel, is not a commercial airport; it is used strictly by private aircraft and charter aviation.