Social Media

Gallifrey One does not exist in a vacuum. There are plenty of places online to stay involved in the inner workings of the convention and keep up to date with everything going on. We invited you to participate in them:


We maintain two Facebook pages for the 2017 convention and beyond:

  • Our primary Facebook page which is usually the first source of any news developments with the convention; questions and comments are welcome
  • We have an individual Facebook Event page for the 20167convention (due to Facebook’s odd way of dealing with page views, the Event Page is probably the best to follow)

Our Twitter feed can be followed by anyone; this is also a first-line source of breaking convention news. There is also an unofficial hashtag for Gallifrey One — #gally1 — followed by hundreds of attendees and used for posting information.

Gallifrey Base Forum

The Gallifrey Base forum has a lively online discussion section for conventions which also includes discussions about our event. Roommate-finding, dining out options and other items are posted fairly constantly up to the dates of the convention. Membership to Gallifrey Base, the largest Doctor Who forum community on the Internet, is required to read and post. (We do not officially monitor this discussion however, so please do not post enquiries to the convention here.)

DW_Cosplay on LiveJournal

The Doctor Who Cosplay community on LiveJournal is a huge and active community of cosplayers, many of whom both craft costumes for Gallifrey One and post photos shortly thereafter. Note: Membership to the LiveJournal is now required.

The Secret Guide to #Gally1

An unofficial website, The Secret Guide to #gally1 has developed over the past year as a way for people to ask questions of each other, rather than of the convention organization proper. Helpful hints and advice for first-timers can be found here.

Note: We do not maintain an email list any longer!