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The following is helpful information for you to keep in touch with the convention in a variety of ways. To send us email directly, scroll down and use the form below.

Contact us by mail

Our mailing address is Gallifrey One Conventions, 15931 Kalisher Street, Granada Hills, CA 91344. (We no longer use our old P.O. box number due to most correspondence now taking place online.)

Social Media

Gallifrey One maintains a Facebook page for breaking news items, as well as a separate event page for each convention. (The event page is where most of the active discussion between attendees takes place!) We also have a Twitter account, which usually becomes very active as the event gets closer; we also use the Twitter hashtag #gally1 for convention-related posts.

Email Gallifrey One
Before Sending Us Email, Please Note the Following:
  • Tickets for the 2016 Gallifrey One convention are sold out.  Sorry, but we will not be offering any other tickets for our 2016 event.
  • If you were one of the people who emailed us about tickets when they went on sale but did not receive a reply: We received nearly 2200 emails and went through them in the order they were received. Even if you emailed us the very second they became available, it depended entirely upon the time of your email’s receipt on our server. No, we did not contact those who did not get tickets; we instead communicated this information on our website and Facebook page publicly, that we were sold out. We are looking for a different ticket order system for next year.
  • We will not be offering press passes, industry passes or professional comps for the 2016 convention.
  • We are not moving to a new venue.
  • Our 2016 Dealers Room is sold out; we can add you to our waiting list, but it is extensive and we go in order.  (We retain nearly all of our dealers every year.)
  • WE DO NOT MAINTAIN A MAILING LIST; please do not ask to be added to one. Instead, please keep an eye on our website and our social media pages.

Our very helpful Frequently Asked Questions page can also provide answers to some common questions not answered here.  Should you not find an answer, please submit your question by clicking Send below.  THANK YOU!

Due to prior issues with our outgoing mail server, we no longer use a web form for contacting us. Instead, please send email directly to the following address: