Ticket Transfers

Transfers are available until December 27, 2014 only!

Gallifrey One currently allows a ticket (also called a membership or registration) for our 2015 convention to be transferred to another person if the original ticket holder cannot attend the convention. Our pre-convention ticket transfer process is now open, and will close on December 27, 2014. (We allow transfers on-site with the ticket buyer present only – mostly to change badge names or alternate friends/family members accompanying the ticket buyer.)

The current ticket holder should use the form below, entering his/her name and email address; the name and full contact information of the person to whom the ticket is being transferred; and (if known) the receipt number from the email receipt received upon initial registration.  The original email address of the buyer (the address used during the initial purchase of the registration) MUST be included in this form or the transfer will not be completed, as this will be used to verify the transfer.

Transfer Rules
  • Tickets may not be sold to another person except at the original cost it was purchased: the costs for sales were $90 full adult; $45 ages 12-17; $10 ages 3-11. (There was no charge and no registration required for children under 3.) Should Gallifrey One discover that the original buyer has (a) sold a ticket for more than original cost, or (b) posted a sale notice on eBay or other online websites, the ticket shall be declared null and void and the seller will be permanently restricted from buying a ticket to future events.
  • Before the convention: Tickets may only be transferred once using this form, a second request will not be honored.  All tickets must be transferred by the end of the day December 27, 2014.
  • At-convention: Tickets can be transferred without exception provided that the ticket buyer and/or ticket holder is present.  We will not allow transfers without either the buyer or the current ticket holder present to initiate the transfer.  (In cases of families, a family member such as the spouse of the buyer with a current ticket can initiate the transfer.)
  • Parents can change the names on child or teen tickets without restriction, as long as they stay the same class of ticket.
  • Teen tickets (ages 12-17) can be changed to a full adult for a transfer recipient by paying the difference in price ($45). In order to do this, please do NOT use this form until told to do so; instead please contact us via the email form page so we can work things out with you.
  • Child tickets (ages 3-11) may not be upgraded at any time for any reason.

Gallifrey One does not participate in the transfer between individuals, beyond changing the record in our system.  All exchanges are between individuals and are on your own recognizance.  If you are interested in acquiring a ticket from someone looking to sell/transfer, or are interested in selling yours, we advise you to check the Gallifrey One Ticket Transfer Facebook Group throughout the year. Good luck!

Transfer Form

Current Ticket Holder NAME

Current Ticket Holder EMAIL (this MUST match email address we have on file)

Current Ticket Holder Receipt Number
If available. This can be found next to the word REGISTRANT on your original email. If you did not receive an email confirmation type Not Available.

Ticket TYPE - please note Adult (for 18+), Teen (for ages 12-17) or Child (for ages 3-11)

New Ticket Holder NAME

New Ticket Holder EMAIL

New Ticket Holder ADDRESS (please include full Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal, Country)

New Ticket Holder TELEPHONE

Agreement to Terms and Conditions: type YES
By typing YES in the box below, the Current Ticket Holder agrees that he/she will be transferring his/her registration to the forthcoming Gallifrey One convention to the New Ticket Holder noted above, thereby waiving any rights to attend the forthcoming convention. Furthermore, the Current Ticket Holder agrees that he/she has transferred his/her ticker to the New Registrant for no more than the cost originally paid for the ticket; Gallifrey One reserves the right to cancel the registration and restrict access by both current and new ticket holders if it is determined that a profit has been made.

To process this email form, please enter the following characters into the box below:


Click on Send below (please only click one time; you should see a green completion note BELOW the send button after doing so)