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It’s only mid-summer, but Gallifrey One 2015 has already made two guest block announcements… and there will be many such guest announcements to come. Thanks to our partners at Showmasters, Tenth Planet, Coolwaters Productions and Fantom Films, as well as our own direct contacts, we are delighted to welcome the following to our next convention:

2015-mylesEve Myles

First appearing in Doctor Who in the first season’s “The Unquiet Dead” playing servant girl Gwyneth, Eve Myles later made a big splash in the same universe as Gwen Cooper, fearless police detective and Captain Jack’s ally, in the spinoff series Torchwood.  She later brought the character of Gwen to Doctor Who as well, at the end of the fourth series.  Her other roles include a long stint on Belonging as well as Merlin, Little Dorrit and, coming soon, Broadchurch alongside David Tennant.  She appears courtesy Showmasters Events.

2015-sherwinDerrick Sherwin

Derrick Sherwin script edited Doctor Who (from “The Web of Fear” to “The Mind Robber”) before taking over the series as its producer on both Patrick Troughton’s swan song “The War Games” and Jon Pertwee’s debut “Spearhead from Space”, overseeing the show’s transition to color and retooling to its Earth-bound 1970s format. He made a cameo appearance in “Spearhead” as well. Sherwin is the classic Doctor Who series’ earliest surviving producer (only he and Philip Hinchcliffe remain) and has made only a few rare appearances. We are delighted to welcome Derrick to his first-ever North American appearance, courtesy our friends at Fantom Films.

2015-fieldingJanet Fielding

Janet Fielding enjoyed popularity as bombastic Australian air hostess Tegan Jovanka in Tom Baker’s final Doctor Who serial and alongside Peter Davison for nearly two and a half years of his tenure.  Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Fielding worked in UK television until her retirement from acting in 1991, becoming an advocate for women in film and television and a theatrical agent.  After an initial reticence to return to her famous Doctor Who role, she finally reprised the role of Tegan alongside her co-stars in 2006.  Always popular at her rare convention appearances, we welcome her back for her third visit, sponsored by Tenth Planet.

2015-aldredSophie Aldred

Actress Sophie Aldred joined Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor in 1987′s “Dragonfire” and become the final companion of the classic Doctor Who series, accompanying him throughout his final two seasons, as the teenage orphan Dorothy “Ace” McShane, mysteriously transported halfway across the universe. Since then, Aldred has reprised her role alongside McCoy for Big Finish’s long-running Doctor Who audio series. She has also remained active as a children’s television presenter and voice-over actress, and makes her fourth appearance at Gallifrey One.

2015-padburyWendy Padbury

Wendy Padbury portrayed Doctor Who’s Zoe Heriot, brilliant computer programmer from the Space Wheel and traveling companion to the Doctor, alongside Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines from “The Wheel in Space” through the end of Troughton’s tenure in “The War Games”. She later reprised the role in “The Five Doctors” and again played Zoe in many of the Big Finish “Companion Chronicles” audio adventures. Later a theatrical agent (whose clients included many of the classic Doctor Who actors), she now lives in France and returns to Gallifrey One for her third appearance.

2015-frazerFrazer Hines

Frazer Hines – aka Jamie McCrimmon opposite Patrick Troughton’s Doctor – is not only as synonymous with Doctor Who as the Doctor himself, but returns for his unprecedented seventh appearance in a row at Gallifrey One. Well known for his work on Doctor Who as well as his long-running role on the British soap Emmerdale, Frazer has also been reprising his Jamie role for Big Finish on their many audio releases, and he’s also narrated the BBC Audio soundtracks as well. Beloved by fans and beloved by us, it just wouldn’t be Gallifrey One without him!

2015-gormanBurn Gorman

Best known for playing the role of scientist Owen Harper on Torchwood, Burn Gorman has become a well known character actor on both sides of the Atlantic, being seen more recently as Karl Tanner in Game of Thrones, Major Richard Hewlett in AMC’s Turn: Washington Spies, and for guest starring roles in such recent films as Pacific Rim and The Dark Knight Rises; he’s also been on the stage in the West End, done voiceover roles including for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and is a talented musician. This is his first visit to Gallifrey One, courtesy Showmasters Events.

2015-kingJacqueline King

Jacqueline King portrayed Sylvia Noble, the disapproving mother of Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) during the David Tennant era of Doctor Who. Her television appearances include Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, Casualty, Coronation Street, Doctors, The Bill and 55 Degrees North. Originally scheduled to be with us last year, we are delighted to welcome her to her first visit to Gallifrey One sponsored by Showmasters Events.

2015-sheppardMark Sheppard

One of television’s most prominent character actors, Mark Sheppard is a legend in the science fiction genre from his many roles in Doctor Who (as Canton Everett Delaware), Firefly, Supernatural, Warehouse 13, Battlestar Galactica, The Middleman, Dollhouse, Leverage, 24 and Soldier of Fortune. A popular guest at conventions all over the world, Mark has become one of Gallifrey One’s most anticipated guests the past few years and we are delighted to welcome him back for 2015.

2015-molloyTerry Molloy

Terry Molloy took over the role of Dalek creator Davros in Doctor Who’s “Resurrection of the Daleks,” reprising the role in two subsequent stories. In recent years, he’s returned to the role for Big Finish’s audio series, including the spinoff “I, Davros” that he headlined. Known also for his work on BBC Radio 4′s The Archers as well as for a lengthy voiceover artist career, Molloy makes a long-awaited return to Gallifrey One in 2015, sponsored by Tenth Planet.

2015-royDeep Roy

Actor, stuntman and puppeteer Deep Roy is a Hollywood legend on both sides of the screen and in both the US and UK. His many appearances include portraying the “Peking Homunculus” Mr. Sin in Doctor Who: “The Talons of Weng-Chiang,” as well as appearances on Blake’s 7 and The X-Files, and in films such as Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (as the Oompa-Loompas), Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness (as Scotty’s sidekick Keenser), Planet of the Apes, The Haunted Mansion and many others. Deep Roy, who had to postpone his 2014 appearance, joins us courtesy Coolwaters Productions.

2015-hagonGarrick Hagon

Character actor Garrick Hagon made two Doctor Who appearances 40 years apart: as Ky in “The Mutants” with Jon Pertwee, and more recently as Abraham in “A Town Called Mercy” opposite Matt Smith. Best known as Luke Skywalker’s childhood friend Biggs Darklighter in Star Wars, Hagon has appeared in starring and guest-starring roles dozens of films and TV series for nearly 60 years, and is an accomplished stage actor (playing opposite Alec Guinness in Richard III in 1963). He joins us courtesy Coolwaters Productions.

2015-hargreavesDanny Hargreaves

Danny Hargreaves is a BBC Wales special effects supervisor who has worked on Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood since DW returned in 2005.  He has been the special effects supervisor on other programs such as Sherlock, DaVinci’s Demons, Wizards vs Aliens, Frankie and Switch.  He also made guest appearances on Doctor Who Confidential and Torchwood Declassified.  He has served as the de facto “public face” of Doctor Who special effects and his company, Real SFX, is currently making the next series of the show.

2015-kaiowenKai Owen

Welsh actor Kai Owen became a fan favorite as Rhys Williams, Gwen Cooper’s husband, on the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood. His other work has included roles on DaVinci’s Demons, Rocket Man and Casualty, and a long-running stint on the Welsh drama Tipyn O Stad. Kai was beloved in his first Gallifrey One convention appearance several years ago (which included some amazing moments on our karaoke nights!) and we are thrilled to welcome him back for his second appearance, sponsored by Tenth Planet.

2015-pryorAndy Pryor

Andy Pryor been the casting director for Doctor Who since its 2005 return, and has therefore had a hand in choosing the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, along with all modern companions. As of 2010, Pryor is the longest-serving member of the BBC Wales team. He was also the casting director for the first three series of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Outside of the Doctor Who family of shows, he has been responsible for casting many of the most-acclaimed British shows of the early 21st century, such as Life on Mars, Survivors, Moses Jones, Whitechapel, Cutting It, Material Girl, Casanova and Red Cap.

2015-tuckerMike Tucker

Mike Tucker’s contributions to Doctor Who spans two eras, as both a visual effects assistant for the final season of the classic show with Sylvester McCoy, and as model unit supervisor on the new series beginning with Christopher Eccleston’s tenure. Tucker’s work with his team has earned him several BAFTA craft awards. Mike also penned the non-fiction book “Ace!” about his work in the late 80s with Sophie Aldred, and then became a prolific Doctor Who novelist for both Virgin and BBC Books; his latest, “The Crawling Terror,” will be one of the first books to feature Capaldi’s Doctor. Mike returns to Gallifrey One after a long absence and we’re delighted to welcome him back.

2015-neameChristopher Neame

Acclaimed British film and television actor Christopher Neame is best known to Doctor Who fans as Skagra, the villain of the unfinished Tom Baker serial “Shada,” recently released on DVD.  He now resides in the US, where he has made frequent film and TV appearances in such productions as Star Trek: Enterprise, Babylon 5, The A Team, Beauty and the Beast, Northern Exposure and JAG, as well as the films Licence to Kill, Ghostbusters II, Dracula AD 1972, Steel Dawn and Hellbound and for his voiceover work in video games.  Neame will be joining us on the Saturday of Gallifrey One to talk about his career in an appearance sponsored by Showmasters Events.

2015-madisonSarah Louise Madison

Actress Sarah Louise Madison has appeared in five Doctor Who serials, four of them as the principal Weeping Angel that have terrified the show’s audience, the fifth in “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” as the Time Zombie. She has also appeared in Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection and The Amityville Asylum. Madison will be joining us to talk about her experiences on the Doctor Who set playing such an iconic monster, and her appearance is sponsored by Showmasters Events.

2015-vandenbroekeMarnix van den Broeke

Marnix van den Broeke is a character actor who brought to life the character of the Silent, one of the Doctor’s foes during the sixth series, in “The Impossible Astronaut,” “Day of the Moon” and “The Wedding of River Song”, and has spoken about his experiences on Doctor Who Confidential. As a background and stunt performer, he brings insight into the production of the series and we are thrilled to welcome him to talk about his experiences, appearing courtesy Coolwaters Productions.

Paul Cornell

From his beginnings as a Doctor Who fan writer and later novelist, Paul Cornell has since become one of today’s hottest comics writers, novelists and screenwriters, with credits including “Human Nature/The Family of Blood” and “Father’s Day” from the Doctor Who series revival, as well as TV series such as Robin Hood, Primeval, Coronation Street and Casualty, and comics such as “Wolverine,” “The X-Men” and “Saucer Country”. Once a regular at Gallifrey One events, he returned for our anniversary last year and makes a repeat visit in 2015.

Phil Ford

Longtime guest and friend of Gallifrey One, Phil Ford is an accomplished screenwriter and producer whose credits include co-writing “The Waters of Mars” with Russell T. Davies for David Tennant’s Doctor, and the second episode of the eighth series starring Peter Capaldi (as well as the animated story “Dreamland”). Phil is also the former co-producer and head writer of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and more recently on Wizards vs. Aliens; he’s also written for such series as Bad Girls, The Bill and Coronation Street. Phil makes his sixth visit to Gallifrey One.

Gary Russell

Gary Russell is the former script editor of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, former editor of Doctor Who Magazine, and one of the most prolific writers, directors and producers of the spinoff Doctor Who media from Virgin Publishing, BBC Books and Big Finish Productions, as well as a long-time Gallifrey One convention participant. He’s currently working on a new series in Australia but is taking a quick break to visit us once again for his thirteenth appearance.

Tony Lee

Comics writer, screenwriter and playwright Tony Lee has written for IDW’s Doctor Who comics series, Big Finish’s audio productions and has written for Marvel Comics, Panini, DC Comics, Markosia Comics and Titan Comics, among others. One of the busiest men in the industry, we are happy to welcome him for a return visit.

Derek Ritchie

Making his second visit to Gallifrey One after a popular appearance last year, Derek Ritchie has served as Doctor Who’s script editor during Matt Smith’s final year and also the forthcoming new series with Peter Capaldi, as well as serving as producer and script editor on Wizards vs Aliens, script editing Peter Davison’s raucous The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, and as assistant director on a variety of recent shows including Being Human and Still Game, and we’re thrilled to welcome him back.

And Featuring…

JASON HAIGH-ELLERY • Executive Producer, Big Finish Productions
SCOTT HANDCOCK • Doctor Who audio writer/director/producer & TV series production runner
DAVID J. HOWE • Telos Publishing Editor/Publisher
RICHARD STARKINGS • comics letterer/editor
STEVE ROBERTS • Doctor Who Restoration Team
ARNE STARR • actor, writer, illustrator
SAM STONE • Vampire/Horror Novelist
CHRISTOPHER JONES • popular comics Illustrator

With many more to be announced in the months to come…


Please note: NEVE McINTOSH who we announced in early August is no longer able to attend the convention due to long-term work.