Website Links

The following is a list of websites recommended by Gallifrey One.

Conventions and Fan Groups
  • ChicagoTARDIS – Our sister convention, every November in Chicago
  • Sci-Fi Sea Cruise – The annual Doctor Who cruise to fabulous ports of call
  • Hurricane Who – A convention in sunny Florida
  • Long Island Doctor Who – New York-based new convention event
  • TimeGate Atlanta – Annual southeastern Doctor Who event
  • CONSole Room – New Minneapolis-based Doctor Who event
  • The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles – Southern California’s Doctor Who fan group
  • Anime Los Angeles – The popular LA area yearly fan-run Japanese anime convention
  • LASFS – The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, LA’s regional science fiction organization
  • ConDor – The annual San Diego science fiction and fantasy convention
  • Gaslight Gathering – The San Diego “Steampunk and Victoriana” convention
  • SCIFI – The Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, Inc., the philanthropic science fiction organization and a patron of Gallifrey One
Doctor Who Websites and Forums
Doctor Who Podcasts
Vendors and Dealers