Hello, Gallifrey One family. To say we are living in interesting times is probably the understatement of the century… the situation we all face today is unprecedented in our lifetimes.  While most of us stay home, isolated and quarantined and dealing with each day at a time, there are so many people out there on the front lines who are demonstrating heroism and sacrifice: from brave first responders and health care workers saving lives, to people working on our supply lines, be they on farms, in warehouses, at the cash register, or delivering to your doorstep.  We are all so grateful to those of you making a difference each day.

With news in the world developing so quickly, we are all aware of events and gatherings being postponed or canceled, sometimes at virtually the last minute.  We can’t tell you how fortunate we feel that we were able to go through with our 2020 convention… had the COVID-19 onslaught arrived just a few weeks earlier, we would have faced the same dilemma. Likewise, as the pandemic spread here in North America, we believed we were very fortunate that our next event was almost a year away. February 2021 couldn’t possibly be impacted by what’s happening today… could it?

Of course, we all know a little more clearly now that our future is in flux, dependent upon social distancing, local regulations and the hope of evolving medical treatment. What looked like smooth sailing to next year, must now instead be cautious preparation and understanding.

At this point, late May of 2020, we fully intend to move forward with planning our 2021 convention, Gallifrey One: Thirty-Second to Midnight, for next February.  Tickets are on sale, and will remain on sale as long as we are able to make them available.

Also, we’re happy to say that hotel reservations at the Marriott LAX will be opening in the very near future.  We are currently working with our friends at the Marriott and hope to have an announcement about the date & time hotel reservations open soon, so we encourage you to keep an eye out on this website and/or our social media (Facebook and Twitter) for details. We do want to let you all know that, like our last event, hotel reservations for the Gallifrey One discount block rate will be allowed only for those who have already purchased tickets to the event; we’ll be working with the hotel to verify this. 

From there, things become a little more complicated.

In order to fulfill our contract with the Marriott, we must hold our event in February unless the Marriott is forced to cancel it, due to either California or City of Los Angeles regulations (in what is called a “force majeure” clause that public events have in their contracts).  We will go forward with the event, taking adequate precautions suggested by the Marriott, as soon as we know exactly what the situation will be at the time of the convention. 

We strongly suggest that those of you who plan to travel from outside California, hold off on making your travel plans until later in the year, when the state of Los Angeles for next February is better known.

The scope of the convention, including possible guest appearances and lowering our normal cap on attendance, is currently out of our hands until such time as things become clearer to us. We will put on the best possible show we can at the time, and we remain fully committed to open communication with the public about our situation. Needless to say, while 2021 may not exactly be the same Gallifrey One event as the last few years, we’ll definitely be working with all our friends, partners and sponsors to do our very best when we’re able to start working on the guest lineup and program; we will do our best to ensure that no one will go away dissatisfied.

We are certainly grateful to all of you who have already bought your tickets for 2021; we will keep your good will and best interests in mind.

Keep an eye out on this page and our social media in the next few weeks for hotel reservation information, and we’ll update everyone again later in the year as we have a better idea of what to expect for 2021. Thanks, and stay safe!

Since this website feature was posted earlier today (May 23), we’ve been receiving numerous specific questions via email and social media.  At this time, Gallifrey One is going to leave these questions unanswered, as everything we are prepared to say about our convention right now was in the post above.  Considering the fact that three months ago (in February), none of us would have been able to predict what May would eventually look like, we feel even less certain about any predictions nine months out from next year’s convention.  Thanks for your understanding.