Space reservations for prospective artists
are now open for our 2022 convention!

The Gallifrey One Art Show returns for a glorious thirty-second year of fantastic artwork from all over the cosmos. A mainstay of the Gallifrey One conventions, the Art Show is a visual feast, with both Doctor Who and science fiction and fantasy illustration in many forms (paintings, drawings, sculpture, etc.), much of it available for purchase on site or at the Sunday morning Art Show Auction.

Complete details about the Gallifrey One Art Show, including rules and regulations for artists, can visit our dedicated Art Show page on this website.

Artists may now reserve space in the 2022 Art Show by clicking on the button below. This is the first year we have done Art Show space reservations electronically, but the rules and regulations governing the Art Show — as well as the price for panel units and half-table units — have not changed from our last event in 2020.

Gallifrey One 2022 Art Show Space Reservation Form

Gallifrey One Conventions has a long and established history of providing a great Art Show at our conventions, starting from our very first event in 1990. At our events, which currently attract anywhere from three to four thousand attendees annually, we have an extraordinary reputation amongst our returning artists for running a quality show. Our Art Show team is well-established in the science fiction fan community. 

Complete rules and regulations for participating artists are found at the Art Show page of this website. A quick summary of the requirements are as follows:

  • Art Show space is available in units of panels or half tables. A panel is 3’ wide by 4’ high, and is made of pegboard. Materials for hanging artwork will be provided by the convention. Table space is approximately 3’ long by 2.5’ deep, half a standard hotel table.
  • Each unit of Art Show space is $20.00. Requests for more than 4 units of space must be cleared with the Art Show Directors in advance.
  • Reproductions are allowed, but only one of any particular piece may be hung. All artwork hung on the reserved panels must be NSF or for auction.
  • There will be a Print Shop. No single pieces can go into the Print Shop. Print fee will be $1 per piece hung.

Please note that this process is ONLY for artists who wish to show their work at the convention, including for auction purposes.  This is NOT an Artists’ Alley.  Sorry, we do not have the physical space to host artists’ alleys at Gallifrey One.

For everyone else attending the Gallifrey One convention: you can expect tons of biddable and non-biddable collectible art from science fiction, fantasy and, of course, Doctor Who. Many esteemed artists display their wares in our Art Show; professional artists from all over have shown in our show, and many of your favorites will be back. The Gallifrey One Art Show is run by experienced Art Show people involved in Loscon, Westercon and WorldCon; regular participants at various art shows at science fiction conventions are welcome to contact us – give us a try, it’s a different group of fans with varied interests in all things SF & fantasy!

All convention attendees are welcome to visit the Art Show, which is open on Friday and Saturday at the convention, while the Gallifrey One Art Show Auction will take place on Sunday morning.  We look forward to seeing you there!