The 31 Flavours of Gallifrey One is now behind us!  We want to start by saying thanks to everyone who joined us this year.  Though there were a few bumps in the road (mostly Saturday), reception to this year’s convention has been incredibly positive and we’re so glad that so many of you had an amazing time.

Update, February 22: the photos from our 2020 Kaffeeklatsches are now available on the Kaffeeklatsch page!

2020 Convention Wrap-Up

Gallifrey One 2020 welcomed 3,811 total attendees, guests and staff into the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel this past weekend.  Our guests all had an amazing time, including the incredibly delightful and generous Christopher Eccleston, who enjoyed his very first-ever Doctor Who themed event (and was visibly moved by the ‘happy birthday’ rendition from the audience on Sunday morning.)  Mr. Eccleston stayed until just after 6:00pm on Sunday to sign autographs for everyone who wanted them.  (For some info about a few glitches that happened throughout the weekend with regard to his photos & autographs, see below.)

Feedback: If you’d like to let us know what you think, we welcome your feedback via email.

Pictures: We’d love to see your pictures of the convention! See “Have Photos To Share?” below.

Charity: At this year’s Bob May Memorial Charity Auction, we raised $13,760 for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the Children’s Miracle Network, which included just over $4,100 in direct sales of the small carpet squares donated by the Marriott and $785 from the cash raffle for the large squares.  Additionally, we were able to raise $1865 for Project Motorhouse, Janet Fielding’s charity (which included a $240 item raffled by Sarah Sutton).  All in all, it was our best charity contribution for the past several years!

Our Thanks: As always, our convention never happens without tremendous hard work from our staff, all of whom we thank for their support and assistance both before and at the convention.

And of course, we’d like to thank all our amazing guests that joined us this year… Christopher Eccleston, Peter Davison, Pearl Mackie, Tosin Cole, Michelle Ryan, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Mark Strickson, Frazer Hines, Joy Wilkinson, Vinay Patel, Pete McTighe, Steffan Morris, Sallie Aprahamian, Michael E. Briant, Margot Hayhoe, Anjli Mohindra, Geoffrey Beevers, Tilly Steele, Mark Dexter, Anna-Louise Plowman, Tracie Simpson, Connor Trinneer, Nicole de Boer, Jeffrey Combs, Anthony Montgomery, Vaughn Armstrong, Robert O’Reilly, Suzie Plakson, Michael Collins, Mark Corden, James DeHaviland, Mark McQuoid, Gigi Edgley, Rhianne Starbuck, Matty Cardarople, Emma Reeves, Una McCormack, Chase Masterson, Jon Davey, Richard Ashton, Matt Rohman, Marcus Gilbert, Gary Russell, Jody Houser, Scott Gray, Paul Cornell, Tony Lee, Matt Fitton, Richard Dinnick, Russell Minton, Anne Lockhart, Christopher Jones, Jason Haigh-Ellery, David Gerrold, Marv Wolfman, Brannon Braga, Peter Anghelides, David J. Howe, Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, David A. Goodman, Barbara Hambly, Erin Maher, Kay Reindl, Gillian Horvath, Blair Shedd, Sam Watts, Nick Robatto, Bill Blair, Daniel Keys Moran, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Richard Starkings, Samantha Lee Lowe, Dan Peck, J.K. Woodward, Scott Tipton, Craig Miller, David Tipton, Bob Miller, Hayden Black, Trina Ray, Kim Steadman, Sarah Milkovich, Anita Sengupta, Jessie Christiansen, Phil Hopkins, Larry Nemecek, Arne Starr, Robert Napton and Keith Barnfather.

But most of all, thank you – all of our attendees, our panelists, our cosplayers, our dealers, our exhibitors, our tireless enthusiasts, our volunteers, and our friends – for making this an AMAZING year!  We could NOT do this without all of you.

Have Convention Photos to Share?

Our 2020 Facebook Event Page will remain online indefinitely and is a great place to share your photos of this year’s convention!  Meanwhile, if you wish to submit photos for our online photo album let us know via email.  For the website gallery, we are mostly interested in good, high-quality photos of our guests, our discussion panels, and amazing cosplay; at this time we are not looking for photos of individual attendees posing with guests.

Photo Studio Pics Online

All photos from our 2020 convention’s Photo Studio have now been posted!  These high-quality downloads are provided by our photographers, GilesG Photography in conjunction with Convention Photo Shoots and will be available for the next month, so download your images today!  

Click on the link for the Photo Studio gallery.  Find your image, click on it, and then when you’re on the correct page with the watermarked image, CLICK THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON at top right.  You will need to use the following password: Banana (case specific with capital B) 

Click Here for Gallifrey One 2020 Photo Studio Pics

Kaffeeklatsch Photos Now Available!

The photos from this past convention’s Kaffeeklatsches are now available on the Kaffeeklatsches page… you can click on the thumbnail of each kaffeeklatsch photo for a much larger version that you can download.  We hope all of you who participated in the kaffeeklatsches this year had a great time… our guests all loved participating, too!

Looking Ahead to Gallifrey One 2022

The clock now resets again, as we begin the countdown to next year!  We are pleased to announce Gallifrey One: Thirty-Second To Midnight.  Everything you love about Gallifrey One will be back: great guests, panels, interviews, special events, dealers, the art show, badge ribbons… all the fun that has become an annual tradition. 

As announced on September 12, 2020, due to the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, our planned 2021 event has been postponed to 2022.  Click here for complete details.

Tickets to Gallifrey One 2022 are available via EventBrite, as in our past several years of conventions, by clicking here.

Because of the ever-increasing costs associated with convention guests, our 2021 ticket prices will be going up slightly, to the following:

  • $125.00 Adult Full Weekend
  • $75.00 Teen Full Weekend (Ages 12-16)
  • $35.00 Child Full Weekend (Ages 3-11)

The above prices do not include a small EventBrite processing fee, which will be added to each order.

You can expect the same great programming from Gallifrey One, a large and robust guest lineup from all of the various diverse eras of Doctor Who, and special events to make your weekend memorable. And of course, we’ll always have some special surprises in store! We hope to see you there.

Important: Ticket Resales Clarification

For many years we have offered ticket resales (formerly called transfers) without hesitation; this has allowed attendees who suddenly find themselves unable to use their tickets the freedom to resell their tickets to those who missed out, at the same price. We have done so only after the convention sells out, in order to provide this service to those who missed ticket sales, and convenience to those who purchased theirs.

Unfortunately, this has also led to a misunderstanding by some people that purchased tickets will always be able to be sold, which is not the case. That lesson was learned this year by a number of people who could not sell at the last minute… so much so that it also led to complaints from a small number of people, directed at our event, that they had somehow been cheated out of something.  That is not the case, nor has it ever been the case.

We want to therefore make the following points absolutely clear: 

  • Gallifrey One sells tickets to our convention, and our ticket sale responsibility is at point of sale only, NOT as a guarantee of any future resale.
  • Gallifrey One will only open ticket resales at a time of our choosing, which CAN be any time after event sellout but NEVER will be guaranteed to occur.
  • As we cannot guarantee a sellout, Gallifrey One will never allow any ticket resales that put our event’s sales health directly in competition with our attendees.
  • We therefore recommend that you only purchase tickets if (a) you intend to attend the convention AND (b) you understand that you may not be able to resell your tickets at all.

Please note that you will be required to acknowledge these points during your EventBrite transaction.

In addition, our attendee list will be posted close to the convention.  This may or may not happen after a sellout (as we cannot predict whether we will or not) but will be done so that attendees may confirm they are registered.  We will of course allow everyone to opt out during the ticket purchase process as they have done before (with the proviso that if ticket resales are opened, their tickets are invalid for resale, except for at-the-door transfer).

While much of the above seems to be common sense, we feel it important to reiterate all of these points.  As Doctor Who and other genre events do seem to be in a bit of decline in attendance, it is very possible we might never sell out a future event (including 2022) and therefore want everyone to understand this during purchase… if we do not sell out, there will be no resales, only at-the-door transfers.  We hope this clarifies our position with regard to ticket resales and look forward to seeing you in 2022!

A Few Items from 2020…

While we believe almost everyone had a great time at this year’s convention, there were a few issues and concerns raised by our attendees that we wanted to address, as well as some important information leading into 2021’s convention.  Most of this is just for the sake of informing our attendees about our thought process.  We’ll be working on more developments in the near future.


One of the things we feel strongly about is our proactive communications with our attendees; the way we do that is both here on our website as well as over social media (Facebook and Twitter). We do expect our attendees to regularly check the website (or at least, review it prior to the event), as the website is the primary way we communicate to our audience; even just checking into the website itself will provide you the information you need.  We’re very proud of our website and the way we use it to communicate.

Note that we do not regularly use email as a form of communication, simply because email services have become a big business: bulk mailing email isn’t permitted by our server, and using a service actually costs quite a bit of money in the long term.  

We do use our social media for announcements, although items posted on Facebook and Twitter usually link back to this website.  We are looking into changing the way we use our Facebook account for 2021, namely using the main account page for all of our announcements, and providing the (soon to be created) 2021 event page for our attendees to communicate with each other.

Room Changes from 2020

We did mention a few changes we were making in 2020 many months prior to the convention.  Some of you seem to have missed that information; others simply expressed their frustration about these changes, which we understand.  We want to address a few of them.  

Video Room: We know our video room has been a peaceful place to enjoy Doctor Who and other videos over the years.  Video streaming is readily available to anyone these days; you don’t need a convention to enjoy the latest episodes of any show.  With the increased scrutiny on video programming, a need for more space for convention attendees and these simple facts about availability, we felt that this was the year to eliminate it and we still feel it was the right decision to make.  We have other plans for our function space for 2021 and regretfully they do not include a dedicated video program, but there will be video-related programming in future.

Hospitality Suite: We also eliminated the Con Suite this year, for no other reason than expense. Convention expenses in general have increased over the years, especially in terms of guest budgets; guests are simply more expensive than they were five years ago, or ten, or fifteen.  The Hospitality Suite providing free sodas and snacks was a luxury we can no longer afford; it is a major expense for a relatively small portion of our attendee base, and we would rather spend that money on all of our attendees. As our Program Director even put it to some of you on site, “would you rather have a free soda, or Christopher Eccleston?”  We also have less space in the hotel proper to use, and so we repurposed the old con suite as children’s programming this year.  We know some of you were disappointed, but we won’t be able to bring it back.

Coffee Service in the Kaffeeklatsches: Same as for the Con Suite above, though for an even smaller amount of people at the convention.  The kaffeeklatsches are about visiting our guests, not coffee, after all!

We will attempt to communicate further changes going forward with a bit more repetition, if only so that our attendees don’t miss what’s announced.  Please visit our website throughout the year for this and other important information!

About the Autograph Lines

Although the convention was largely a success, we all know about the elephant in the room: the long lines for photos and autographs for Mr. Eccleston, most especially on Saturday.  We’d like to explain what happened, what Gallifrey One did to rectify it, and what we plan to do in future.

The day started with a problem converting the green screen photo shoot to a regular photo shoot, both featuring Mr. Eccleston.  This threw the schedule off, though in terms of the Photo Studio schedule we were able to mostly get it back on track within the next hour.  But it also led to a late start on autograph sessions, which fed into other delays throughout the day.  When factoring in Mr. Eccleston’s incredible graciousness with wanting to spend time with every attendee wanting an autograph, things spiraled a bit and led to hours-long autograph lines.  Likewise, we can only seat a finite number of attendees in our main auditorium, and so Mr. Eccleston’s Saturday afternoon talk was cut off, with some people still outside waiting to get in.

Our first priority at Gallifrey One is always a combination of the happiness of both our attendees and our guests.   Our guests sign as much as they can, but when we have to cut off a line because they (or their hands) are tired, we have to accommodate.  Unfortunately, that is very disappointing to the people who miss out.  We have a secondary issue in that our volunteer staff wants to be very helpful and accommodating to everyone, and sometimes our volunteers may state something (in a completely non-malicious way) that runs counter to our official policy.  Long story short: we know this is frustrating, and we share your frustration.  Our volunteers went through the autograph line Sunday morning attempting to get as many of you who got cut off from autographs on Saturday through the line first.  We also announced that those people who missed out on seeing him on Saturday afternoon should show up early Sunday and we’d put them in a separate line, which we did; we intentionally allowed this small line to enter at the same time as the regular line Sunday morning, so that everyone who was there when we opened would be able to get into the auditorium (and they were).

The best plans can sometimes go a bit wonky.  Though we’ve been at this for 31 years, this was the first time we have ever had a guest who literally everyone at the convention wanted to see & meet.  We did our best to accommodate everyone as much as we could.  We know this didn’t take the edge off of the long autograph lines on Saturday, but we’re working to fix things next year.  Sometime later this year we’ll be announcing a ‘virtual queue’ autograph system for sponsored guests, which should help take a lot of the pressure off (and certainly prevent you from spending half the day in a queue).  We are also moving our photo studio off the convention floor up to the Aviation Ballroom (where Program B has been located the past ten years) to remove all that chaotic line management and make the convention easier to navigate.

Stay tuned for further updates in the weeks and months to come… and please pardon our dust as we gradually change over the theme & contents of this website toward our 2022 convention!