Tickets for Gallifrey One: Thirty-Second to Midnight are now ON SALE! We have also opened pre-orders for convention T-shirts and tote bags as well.

There’s a lot of information to share surrounding the ticket and merchandise sale, so please read on for full details.

Tickets for Gallifrey One 2021

Tickets to Gallifrey One 2021 are once again available through EventBrite, as in our past several years of conventions; the link below goes directly to the EventBrite page:

Buy Gallifrey One 2021 Tickets (at EventBrite)

Because of the ever-increasing costs associated with convention guests, our 2021 ticket prices will be going up slightly, to the following:

  • $125.00 Adult Full Weekend
  • $75.00 Teen Full Weekend (Ages 12-16)
  • $35.00 Child Full Weekend (Ages 3-11)

The above prices do not include a small EventBrite processing fee, which will be added to each order.

Gallifrey One has decided (as we announced today on our social media pages) to slightly reduce the total number of tickets sold for 2021 by about 15%. Our Board decided to take this action before the 2020 convention was over, in order for us to manage our lines and ballroom capacity more effectively and better serve our attendees; we’d planned to announce it during Closing Ceremonies, but we didn’t want everyone’s final take-away from the end of the convention to be uncertainty about getting tickets for the next one.  Reducing our footprint at the convention will allow us to provide the same programming and events you’ve come to expect from us, at the same time helping with seating in our main hall and reducing the impact of the autograph and photo lines.  (In fact, we’re moving the Photo Studio off the main floor altogether, as we noted in the last update.)

Please continue reading below the T-Shirts/Tote Bags section below for more important info about ticket purchases.

Gallifrey One 2021 T-Shirts/Tote Bags

We have also opened convention T-shirt/tote bag preorders.  To avoid any entanglements down the road with possible ticket resales, we are instead providing preorders for these items separately, not on EventBrite but on our regular Member Solutions sales website:

Pre-Order Convention T-Shirts/Tote Bags

Note that we do not have any designs available for the T-shirt or tote bag yet; however they will fit into the convention’s theme for 2021.  The convention logo is on the front lapel; on the back, a design that matches the convention theme. T-shirts will once again be black this year with the designs stencilled in ink.  The tote bags will also have the convention logo printed on them.

Convention T-shirts and Tote Bags can be picked up at the Gallifrey One convention sales table, immediately next to the convention registration desk, beginning Friday and running during daytime hours until the table closes late Sunday afternoon.  The convention sales table will also sell a limited number of T-shirts and tote bags on site as well, while supplies last (until only pre-sold shirts are still left.) We therefore encourage you to pre-order if you would like a shirt this year, especially with the better pricing. (There are no shirts larger than 4X.)  As always, convention merchandise must be picked up on site, no exceptions.

T-shirt and tote bag prices have also gone up very slightly (due to production costs).  Unlike ticket sales, which will close down as soon as we sell out, we will keep merchandise pre-orders open until sometime during January 2021, so there is plenty of time to pre-order, especially for those who want to ensure they will be able to make the convention.

$17.00 – Small $19.00 – Small
$18.00 – Medium $20.00 – Medium
$19.00 – Large, XL, 2XL $22.00 – Large, XL, 2XL
$20.00 – 3XL, 4XL $25.00 – 3XL, 4XL
$9.00 – Tote Bag $10.00 – Tote Bag

Ticket Resales Clarification

For many years we have offered ticket resales (formerly called transfers) without hesitation; this has allowed attendees who suddenly find themselves unable to use their tickets the freedom to resell their tickets to those who missed out, at the same price. We have done so only after the convention sells out, in order to provide this service to those who missed ticket sales, and convenience to those who purchased theirs.

Unfortunately, this has also led to a misunderstanding by some people that purchased tickets will always be able to be sold, which is not the case. That lesson was learned this year by a number of people who could not sell at the last minute… so much so that it also led to complaints from a small number of people, directed at our event, that they had somehow been cheated out of something.  That is not the case, nor has it ever been the case.

We want to therefore make sure the following points are noted:

  1. Gallifrey One sells tickets to our convention, and our ticket sale responsibility is at point of saleonly, NOT as a guarantee of any future resale.
  2. Gallifrey One will only open ticket resales at a time of our choosing, which CAN be any time after event sellout but never WILL be guaranteed to occur.
  3. As we cannot guarantee a sellout, Gallifrey One will never allow any ticket resales that put our event’s sales health directly in competition with our attendees.
  4. We therefore recommend that you only purchase tickets if
    • you intend to attend the convention; and 
    • you understand fully that you may NOT be able to resell your tickets if you can’t attend.

Please note that you will be required to acknowledge these points during your EventBrite transaction.

Also, we are looking into alternative methods of resale if and when resold tickets are put on offer.  We noticed some scammers attempting to sell unavailable tickets during the week prior to our 2020 event (when it was not possible to resell) so we are looking at other options.

Finally, for those wondering about refunds… Fan run conventions like ours budget for our expenses every year based on convention pre-registration; therefore, when you register for the convention, the funds you provide are allocated immediately… for things like guest expenses (air travel & hoteling), publications, technical expenses (lighting and sound) and other stuff that makes our event unique (like ribbons, signs and decoration). Refunding memberships may make us fall short of our expectations and our contracts, causing considerable financial concerns.  Therefore, Gallifrey One does NOT offer refunds at any time, and we haven’t for many years.  Thank you for your understanding.

Feedback Welcome

We’ve got lots of plans brewing for next year’s convention, but we are also getting a lot of feedback which we appreciate. Much of this concerns the lines we experienced on Saturday which we’re taking steps to address (including our maximum capacity, see above), and some of it concerns other parts of the convention.

Should you have any suggestions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.  We can’t (and won’t) promise to take action on any item, but we do listen to everyone’s input.  Thanks, and we hope to see you next year!