Greetings and Happy New Year to all our Gallifrey One attendees and friends.  As we begin 2021 (and can now officially say the next Gallifrey One event is only a year away!) we have some important information to pass on to all of you:

Our 2022 Dates Are Still Unconfirmed 

As we noted in our last update back in September 2020, when we announced the postponement of our 2021 event, our exact dates for the next convention are still up in the air. The NFL has not made any final statement on the date of the 2022 Super Bowl, and due to that, we are unable to confirm which of the two available weekends we will be on.  Right now, we are tentatively scheduled for March 4-6, 2022, with the option to move to our regular weekend of February 18-20, 2022 if the NFL releases its hold on those dates.

We still hope to know the final decision sometime in the next couple of months, and will announce our final dates as soon as we can, so please make sure to hold off on all your travel plans until then. (Please also keep in mind that for 2023, we will be back on our regular weekend.)

Important Hotel Update

As we still have no final decision on dates, existing hotel reservations under the Gallifrey One block cannot simply be moved out one year; meanwhile, all of you with convention block reservations are still seeing 2021 dates.  Therefore, we have been working with our partners at the Marriott on a “plan B” option.  

For all reservations made using the Gallifrey One discount block, which was the $162/night discount rate made by utilizing our group code or discount block link, the following will take place:

  • This week (starting after January 11), you will receive a confirmation email from the Marriott LAX that your reservation has been canceled, and that you are on a reserve list; you won’t be charged in February for the dates.
  • Soon after our 2022 dates are confirmed, you will receive another email from the Marriott LAX confirming your 2022 travel dates, with a new reservation confirmation number; these reservations will remain at the $162/night rate and will include the discount parking rate.

Should you not receive a confirmation cancellation by the end of January, we ask that you please contact us and include your reservation number, so we can forward it to our Marriott partners.

For all other reservations, you must cancel your own reservations or risk being charged.  This includes reservations made at standard “rack” rates (i.e. not at $162/night), using other group discount codes (like AAA), or made through third-party vendors such as Expedia,, and so forth. It also includes any individual reservations made at standard rates that covered nights you were unable to grab on our discount block; you need to cancel those directly.  Reservations can be canceled by calling the Marriott at (310) 641-5700.

Tickets On Sale 

Tickets for our next convention have never stopped being on sale; you can visit our Registration page to get tickets, or purchase our convention merchandise including our 2022 con T-shirt and tote bags.  

As noted before, we will be selling somewhat fewer tickets for the next convention than our last event; we wanted to reduce the human footprint slightly to make it more manageable for both organizers and attendees.  We are considering going even further than what we had originally intended to reduce, however, but will not make any decisions about that until a later date.  We do still have several hundred tickets left and do not expect to sell out for some time.

We processed a small number of refunds back in October for those who had requested them by the deadline (due to the year shift); no additional refunds are being offered.

As a reminder, if you purchased a child ticket (3-11) or teen ticket (12-16) prior to September 12, 2020,and your child or teen will cross the age threshold due to the postponement (i.e. an 11 year old turns 12, or a 16 year old turns 17), please contact us with your specific details. We will be happy to upgrade them for this convention at no charge.

Plans for 2022’s Convention

As we post this update, it’s mid-January and Los Angeles, our country and entire planet are in the midst of the enormous COVID-19 crisis. Vaccination is on the horizon, but vaccine distribution has been slow going.  Nevertheless, we fully expect that the vaccine will be widely distributed by the fall and our lives will return to some semblance of normalcy.  Keeping everyone safe will likely still be on our minds for several years, though. 

Because of this, it is almost certain that we will require masks be worn by all attendees, staff and guests, unless such is deemed no longer necessary by the CDC.  Additional safety measures will likely be advised (possibly including hand sanitizer use throughout).  We won’t know about this until much closer to the event.

While we do expect many guests to join us in 2022, it is very possible that 2022 could be a lighter year than normal; we can only work with guests who will be willing to make the trip.  Regardless, we still plan to have as many guests as we can, supplemented by our usual fantastic program schedule. We will be working with all our regular partners on this and hope to start announcing guests by the summer of 2021, but it could actually be the fall before this happens.

We also plan to simplify things for those who want to participate in the discussion panel schedule; you can expect a general call for panelists and the list of panels released simultaneously, sometime this fall.

Finally, we want to reiterate we will not be doing a virtual convention this February, for the reasons we noted in the last update in September.

We know the past ten months has been hard on everyone, which is why we are as eager to reconvene for Gallifrey One as you are; we can’t wait to meet up in February 2022 at the Marriott and share our passions again for TV and film and science fiction and Doctor Who.  Please stay safe and healthy, wear those masks… and we’ll be back a bit later in the year with further details on our 2022 event.