Over the past few months, we know we’ve thrown quite a lot of information out to our attendees (and prospective attendees), including about hotel reservations and ticket upgrades. We’d therefore like to take stock by summarizing all the important information everyone needs to know, below. With further questions, we hope to embellish this a bit in the weeks to come… and we will certainly add everything to our Attendee Guide as soon as everything is fully up to date.

Status of the Convention for 2022

As announced, Gallifrey One: Thirty-Second to Midnight, our rescheduled 32nd annual convention will take place February 18-20, 2022 at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

Pre-con badge pickup for ticketholders begins Thursday afternoon, February 17, with our annual pre-convention Launch Party the same evening at 8:00pm, followed by our first night of karaoke.  The convention proper begins on Friday morning, February 18, with badge pickup starting at 9:00am, and panel programming beginning at 10:00am.  Our main auditorium opens up at 11:00am Friday; events will run until 6:00pm Friday, then 10:00am to 6:00pm Saturday, and 10:00am to 5:00pm Sunday.  Our closing ceremony will be at 5:00pm Sunday evening.

Evening events will run both Friday and Saturday night, with main stage events, our annual Saturday night dance, three nights of karaoke (Thursday, Friday & Saturday), evening panels, readings and more. In addition, our annual Evening Guest Receptions will take place on Friday and Saturday evenings; these special events have an additional charge and will be announced close to the event.

Our Dealers Room will be open Friday through Sunday, and our Art Show both Friday and Saturday.  Our wonderful dealers have all been contacted (and so far, nearly all of them will be returning).  Art Show display sales open this summer.

Please note that your EventBrite ticket confirmation may have different dates on them (specifically the March 4-6 weekend); you can ignore that, as that was our original stand-by date before we decided to return to our regular weekend.

Status of 2021 & 2022 Convention Tickets

For anyone who bought tickets to the original postponed 2021 Gallifrey One convention, your tickets have automatically been applied to our February 2022 event instead You do not need to take any action if you bought tickets that say they’re for 2021; you’ll find your convention badges waiting for you upon arrival.

For those who haven’t yet bought tickets: we still have many available for sale. Visit our Registration page (either click here or on the dark blue Registration box at top right) for pricing information and a link to our EventBrite sales page.

Please note that, as previously announced, we are reducing the number of tickets sold for the 2022 convention by several hundred (with respect to our last convention in 2020), so we encourage you to purchase your tickets as soon as you are able.

If you purchased a child (3-11) or teen (12-16) ticket for 2021, and the postponement means that your child or teen will cross the threshold and no longer be eligible for their age category, please contact us via email with the name of your child or teen. We will be happy to upgrade them to the next ticket tier for at charge (for the 2022 event only, and only for the child/teen named on the ticket).

If you pre-ordered 2021 convention T-shirts or tote bags, your order has also automatically been applied to 2022’s convention as well.

For those of you who purchased tickets for the 2021 event prior to the postponement announcement last September, you will receive our special commemorative lapel pin (“The Year Without a Gally”) free of charge when you pick up your convention badge on site. For those who bought tickets after the postponement announcement, or would like more than one pin, you’ll be able to purchase them on site for a nominal fee. (Proceeds from the pin sales, beyond covering the costs of production, will go toward the convention’s annual charity.)

If Gallifrey One 2022 sells out, we will allow people with existing tickets who cannot make the event to resell their tickets to others… but ONLY if we sell out. Details on convention ticket resales will be posted at the time, if and when a sellout happens.

Status of 2022 Convention Guests

Guests for our 2022 convention will be announced beginning in the late spring or early summer of 2021 (with our usual caveat that guests from the more recent seasons of Doctor Who, if available, will be announced much closer to the event.)

As we’ve mentioned before… this update is coming out while both America and the rest of the world are still in the throes of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to invite many guests that we had hoped for in 2021, along with many others, but we cannot guarantee that some of them will be prepared to travel by February 2022, though we live in hope.  To that end, we do caution everyone that it might be a slightly lighter year in terms of guests, though we plan to revisit a lot of the ‘old favorites’ (to quote Tom Baker in The Day of the Doctor), too.

Status of Marriott Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations at the Marriott LAX went on sale for our 2021 event in June 2020; the Gallifrey One convention discount block rate ($162/night) sold out within minutes, as it does every year. Hotel rooms were then available for higher standard rates (also called “rack rates”) via the Marriott LAX website and other sales pages such as Expedia.

When we postponed the convention for one year, the following happened to those reservations:

  • Rooms made on the convention discount block rate ($162/night) using our group code were put into a special category, where they will be moved to 2022 instead, without any penalty to the customer.
  • Rooms made at standard rates were canceled, either by the customer or by the Marriott itself.

For the convention discount block ($162/night) rooms ONLY: the Marriott reached out to everyone with this rate in January to let them know the process: their rooms for 2021 would be canceled, and the hotel would then reach out to them at a later date to rebook these rooms directly with the customer.  This process began on March 8, but as of March 17, will take several more weeks to complete.  Many of you have been reaching out to Gallifrey One because you are concerned that you have yet to be contacted… we ask you to please be patient, as they are nowhere near done with this.  We will also be consulting with the Marriott to ensure that everyone who was on the original convention block reservations list either has a reservation for 2022 or has informed the hotel directly they no longer need their rooms.  Please DO NOT contact the Marriott by phone, as they are working with a reduced crew and will be getting to everyone as soon as they can.  We will work with the Marriott to make sure NO ONE is left behind on this!

For all other rooms at the Marriott LAX: After the discount block transfer process above is complete, the Marriott will inform us when they plan to open up all remaining rooms for reservations for our weekend.  Remaining rooms will all be at the standard rate (rack rate) determined by the hotel; we have no control over these rates. The Marriott is currently holding all of these rooms so that no one can make any reservations in them; we will work with them on a date to open the rooms a bit later in the year, so that they are available first to Gallifrey One attendees. We go over the full rooming list with the Marriott each year so there is no hoarding of rooms. (Please note there will NOT be any more convention discount block rooms for 2022 made available, only regular rack rate rooms.)

Please follow us on either Twitter or Facebook, as we’ll be making announcements there when the Marriott’s re-housing for our convention block is complete, and when hotel rooms become available.

Status of Hotel Reservations Elsewhere

The current state of the 2022 Super Bowl, which is scheduled to take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, only a couple miles away from the Marriott, is still up in the air. Normally it would take place two weekends prior to ours; however, if the NFL expands the season from 16 to 17 weeks, it might delay the Super Bowl to February 13. 

Because of this, many hotels in the area still have a lock on dates surrounding both weekends, and that includes the Gallifrey One weekend. When that decision is finalized (expected to be in the next two months), we do expect many of these holds to be released.  However, some hotels are available at this time; we encourage you to check Expedia or other websites for availability.  Among these are the Hyatt Grand Regency right off LAX; the Sonesta LAX Hotel (formerly known as the Crowne Plaza LAX); and some of the hotels right off the I-405 freeway, including the Wingate by Wyndham, the Holiday Inn LAX Airport, and the La Quinta Inn & Suites.

Even if the Super Bowl in 2022 is on February 13, days before Gallifrey One, the vast majority of the hotels in the area will empty out in the days that follow, so you should be able to find a convenient place to stay.  There are also many hotels in a surrounding 5 mile radius that can provide very easy access to the convention via taxi, Uber or Lyft rides (it is, after all, one of America’s busiest airports), and rideshare is easy to pick up at the Marriott to return back to your hotel at night.

Status of the Convention Program

As we noted some time ago, this unexpected two-year gap has given us a great deal of time to do some rethinking about Gallifrey One, and the way we design and schedule the event. While we think we put on one of the finest fan-run events in North America, there’s always room for reflection, and we’ve already made some significant changes you’ll find for 2022.

One of the biggest changes has to do with the convention’s layout. Our very busy Photo Studio has finally made a move, up to the Aviation Ballroom off the main hotel lobby (previously the site of our “Program B” room).  The large size of this ballroom allows us to properly manage multiple lines all running simultaneously for various celebrity photo shoots, without the crisscrossing in the panel room hallway many of you came to expect each year. This will take the vast majority of lines off the convention level entirely, dramatically reducing the foot traffic during peak hours.

To make this change, we’ve moved Program B to the back quarter of the Imperial Ballroom, the site of our Dealers Room.  While this effectively means a reduction of the Dealers Room to three quarters of its previous size, it doesn’t mean major changes to the actual dealer portion of the room itself. Instead, the Autograph Alley, the TARDIS and console photo area (generously displayed by Pat Harper and AZ TARDIS) and our dedicated actor signing tables are all moving elsewhere on the convention floor.  You’ll find some of them in the open “pass-through” zone between the central and western hallways, which we know many people came to love as an easy way between parts of the convention until we had to eliminate that a few years ago.

In terms of the substance of the convention, our main program:

  • You can expect all the Q&As, presentations, interviews and (hopefully) live commentaries back on the stage like always.
  • The 2022 annual Bob May Memorial Charity Auction will once again take place on Sunday, with our Auction Donation Room open Friday and Saturday for your Doctor Who and SF/fantasy/horror/media merchandise donations to be auctioned off.
  • Most or all of our very popular events will be returning for 2022, including the Radio Free Skaro Kickoff Show, This or That, our Idiot’s Lantern stage show, our “TARDIS Talks” academic program track, and much more.
  • We fully expect the annual Science Workshops for Children (and their Parents) to take place again in 2022 (and we may also have something similar for adults… stay tuned!)
  • Our yearly Kaffeeklatsches will happen again, with sign-ups a few weeks prior to the event.
  • We will once again feature a science program featuring guests from NASA, JPL, Caltech and other established scientific institutions, as well as local SF, fantasy and genre writers, artists and production folks.
  • We will be opening up submissions for our discussion panel program topics in the early summer.  Once our list of prospective panel topics are posted (likely late summer), we will then open up a form for attendee requests to be panelists on these panels. (In other words, we’re not doing both simultaneously like last time… we definitely learned a lesson of how much harder that was.) Please note that this will be for open discussion panels participated in by our attendees; we are not looking for additional hosted program items at this time.

However, we’re also making one major change, and it’s a big one…

Status of the Masquerade of Mandragora

We know many of you love our convention Masquerade, and we do too. However, we noticed that some of the interest level has been waning a bit, especially with so many people wearing such amazing costumes during the daytime. Behind the scenes, the Masquerade is usually a very labor-intensive event, with a lot of pre-planning involved: sign-ups, organizational meetings, workmanship judging, performance rehearsals, etc. 

For 2022, we are keeping the spirit of the event, but eliminating some of the trappings around it.  Instead, Gallifrey One’s Masquerade of Mandragora will transform into a fashion show format, open to anyone who wishes to display their costume on stage, be it a grand reveal or a look at a hall costume you’re planning to wear the next day.  Gone are both the judging and the awards portion of the Masquerade, as well as the performance (musical/vocal accompaniment) part of the show. Instead, all entrants will be free to write their own brief introduction to their costume, to be read by one of our hosts, and come on stage and out onto the runway to show off their fashion.  We’ll be keeping all the spectacle and pageantry, and the night will still be one to remember.

We’ll be making further announcements about this in the months to come, with clarification on when it will take place, when you can sign-up, what the specific rules are, and how it will be presented.  We are currently considering (but not final on) a possible move of this Masquerade event to Friday evening instead of Saturday, so that entrants can further show off their costumes the next day (Saturday, our busiest day.)  Also, because of the elimination of the judging and musical/verbal presentation portions of the Masquerade, there will no longer be a ‘half time’ show as part of the Masquerade itself… but we plan to have a show immediately following the event in the main auditorium, so stay tuned for more details on that.

Status of the Pandemic and Gallifrey One

As we post this, both America and the rest of the world are still buried in the mire of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccinations are increasing at a brisk pace in the US and other countries, with predictions that America might return to some semblance of “normalcy” by the fall. We have every confidence that that will happen.

We do know, however, that the effects of the disaster we’ve all just been through, and continue to endure, will linger for many years to come. Gallifrey One will be following all California state and Los Angeles city ordinances regarding meetings & gatherings, as will the Marriott LAX.  We will also be paying close attention to the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), including recommendations for large gatherings, including how we manage lines, and foot traffic within heavy areas (specifically the Dealers Room).

As we have already noted several times, this might mean the wearing of masks at all times inside the hotel. If that is the case, we will give all of you ample notice prior to the convention that masks will be required, and it will be strictly enforced without exception.  However, we also live in hope that masks won’t be needed by February. (If masks are required next February, please note that we will not issue any refunds to anyone who cannot abide by this fact. Doctor Who teaches that “science leads,” and that’s what Gallifrey One believes, too.)

We hope this answers so many of your questions and satisfies your curiosity on what you might expect in 11 months time. We look forward to seeing all of you next February… so, stay safe, wear a mask, get vaccinated, and keep hope alive!