Dealers Room and Exhibitors

dealersroomThe Dealers Room and Exhibitor Table Hallway at Gallifrey One are at the heart of our convention. Our Dealers Room contains all the latest Doctor Who and media & merchandise collectibles, such as DVDs & CDs, books and magazines, plus costuming gear, science fiction books, videos and audios, movie posters, jewelry, buttons, collectible cards, media memorabilia and so much more. The Exhibitor Table Hallway hosts a number of local organizations, conventions, fan clubs and selected guests promoting their events.

Our convention registration grants you full access to both for the entire weekend (we do not sell a separate “dealers room only” admission, sorry.)

The Gallifrey One 2017 Dealers Room will be open Friday from 11:00am to 6:30pm, Saturday 10:00am to 6:30pm, and Sunday 10:00am through to the late afternoon (usually our dealers begin packing up around 4pm but some remain open). Autographs will take place in the front of the room at the Showmasters booths, lines for which form from the front entrance and run onto the patio; and in the back of the room at our own autograph table block, with lines fed down the hallway next to the main ballroom.

Gallifrey One 2017’s Confirmed Dealers and Exhibitors
  • Alien Entertainment /
  • Anglicon 2017 *
  • Arne Starr
  • A Wrinkle in Time
  • B. Coole Designs
  • Cargo Cult Books
  • Christopher Jones Illustration
  • Dale Santos
  • Gaslight Steampunk Expo 2017 *
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Hand-Knit Habitat
  • Hattie Hayridge
  • Holzheimers Distributing
  • Julie Scott C.M.T.
  • Indigoskye Bead Fashions
  • Jim and Melody Rondeau
  • Jimmy Vee
  • Loscon 2017 *
  • Lyzard13
  • Michael Troughton
  • Mike’s Comics n’ Stuff
  • My Curious Cabinet
  • Nova Sci-Fi Magazine
  • Optimystical Studios
  • Pendragon Costumes
  • Pixel Who
  • Pop Culture Hero Coalition
  • Prentis Hancock
  • Renaissance Pleasure Faire *
  • Rubbertoe Replicas
  • Sci-Fi Sea Cruise *
  • Sci-Fi Zone
  • Showmasters Events
  • Simon Fisher-Becker
  • Springtime Creations
  • Therri’s Treasures
  • Telos Publishing
  • The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles *
  • Titan Comics
  • Tribble Toys
  • Whedonopolis 2017 *

Dealers and exhibitors whose tables are located in the exhibitor hallway (as opposed to the Dealers Room) are noted with an asterisk (*).

All Dealers Room tables are sold out and we have a lengthy wait list. Additionally, we are no longer offering exhibitor tables (due to ongoing construction at the Marriott). To ask to be added to both wait lists, please contact us.

NOTE: All dealers must have a valid business permit and must purchase one or more tables (the first table includes a membership; all persons at the convention must have a membership even if they are only selling in the dealers room). We cannot guarantee space so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to purchase a table; Gallifrey One’s rates are extremely reasonable. Note: all merchandise must be licensed; any sales of unlicensed or bootleg material will result in immediate removal from the convention and reporting to proper authorities.

Gallifrey One proudly supports BBC Worldwide’s license of Doctor Who.