Convention Registration

TICKETS FOR GALLIFREY ONE 2017 ARE SOLD OUT! Tickets were sold on Saturday, April 16, 2016 (after being announced in late February) and all tickets for next year’s convention have been claimed. No more tickets will be sold for 2017, sorry!

For Reference: 2017 Ticket Information

As a reference for those who purchased tickets for 2017, we would like to provide the following information.

Ticket prices were:

  • $95.00 Adult Full Weekend
  • $50.00 Teen Full Weekend (Ages 12-16)
  • $20.00 Child Full Weekend (Ages 3-11)

EventBrite fees were not included in the above prices; EventBrite charged $5.50 per adult ticket, which was added onto the price at purchase.

Please note that we elected to discontinue single-day tickets for 2017 in order to adequately support our entire attendee base with a complete weekend full of programming. All tickets allow entry into the 2017 convention at any time throughout the weekend, and attendee badges can be picked up from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning.

Ticket buyers were able to list his/her additional tickets as “Guest Of” tickets, using the buyer’s name on each guest ticket. This allows the ticket buyer to assign tickets to new people at a later date. We will announce full details about changing these “Guest Of” tickets to other names later in the year.

Prior to purchase of Gallifrey One 2017 tickets, those purchasing agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  • Refunds are NOT allowed under any circumstances. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • Resales of tickets are not permitted.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL
  • Transfers of tickets are permitted prior to the convention.  Please refer to our Ticket Transfer page.
  • Deferrals of tickets to subsequent years are not permitted, except under extreme emergency circumstances (such as death in family or hospitalization); in these cases, deferrals will be considered ONLY if it is requested prior to five (5) days before the start of the convention, and ONLY after approval is granted following the event by our Board of Directors. Weather issues including flight cancellations are not sufficient grounds to defer tickets, although you are welcome to contact us with your specific situation. We will not guarantee deferrals to anyone.

Please note that any attempt by an individual to challenge the legitimate purchase of a ticket by disputing the charge with their bank or financial institution will result in the PERMANENT ban of that person from this convention. Remember: all ticket buyers agree to the “no refunds” policy and other terms & conditions upon confirming the sale of each ticket. You have been warned.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.