Convention Registration


10:00am Pacific • 1:00pm Eastern • 6:00pm London/UK

Tickets to the convention will once again take place through our vendor Member Solutions, and links to the ticket ordering page will once again be posted on our website, our primary Facebook page (at and on a link from our Twitter account (@gallifreyone). Member Solutions takes credit cards as well as bank transfers (we do not use PayPal, though you may use a PayPal credit/debit card like a regular credit card). There were no ticket sales on site at our 2015 event, and there is no special advantage for anyone who was there – we believe in allowing everyone an equal chance to purchase.

NOTE: Our 2015 program book announced an earlier date for 2016 ticket sales to begin (it was originally announced as April 17), and we previously announced it was delayed to May 1; an additional delay required behind the scenes has settled Monday May 4 as our final sales launch date.

Full Weekend Tickets:
$90 Adult • $45 Teen (ages 12-16) • $10 Child (ages 3-11) • Under 3 free with adult
One-Day Tickets (limited quantities; advance sales only):
$40 Friday • $50 Saturday • $40 Sunday

As a reminder, we do not send out physical tickets; simply bring your ID to our convention registration desk at the door.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

Gallifrey One tickets are purchased with the following terms and conditions attached; you must agree to these terms and conditions before your purchase concludes:

  • Refunds are NOT allowed under any circumstances. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • Transfers of tickets are no longer permitted prior to the convention. A ticket can be transferred to a new recipient at the convention registration desk on site provided that the current ticket holder, or the initial ticker buyer, is present to initiate the transfer. This is a change from our policy from prior years. See “The End of ‘Open’ Transfers” below.
  • Deferrals of tickets to subsequent years are not permitted, except under extreme emergency circumstances (such as death in family or hospitalization); in these cases, deferrals will be considered ONLY if it is requested prior to five (5) days before the start of the convention, and ONLY after approval is granted following the event by our Board of Directors. Weather issues including flight cancellations are not sufficient grounds to defer tickets, although you are welcome to contact us with your specific situation. We will not guarantee deferrals to anyone.

Please note that any attempt by an individual to challenge the legitimate purchase of a ticket by disputing the charge with their bank or financial institution will result in the PERMANENT ban of that person from this convention. Remember: all ticket buyers agree to the “no refunds” policy and other terms & conditions upon confirming the sale of each ticket. You have been warned.

The End of “Open” Transfers

Since Gallifrey One started selling out our convention on a yearly basis, we have offered the policy of “open” transfers — the ability to transfer a purchased ticket to another person simply by letting us know in advance — as a courtesy (with the financial transactions between the two affected parties done privately). Unfortunately, the demand for tickets has become greater as the time frame for ticket sales has gotten shorter, and this has had some critical side effects on our convention: the booking of hotel rooms at the Marriott by people hoping to one day get tickets (and then releasing them when this hasn’t happened, often too late for us to do anything with them), issues on more than one occasion with scalping (including several attempts to auction a ticket to the highest bidder), a Facebook group with nearly 2000 people begging to get tickets and causing a great deal of ill will, and so forth.

Last autumn, we decided that it would be in our convention’s best interest to end the practice of these “open” transfers prior to the convention and make a few changes to the way we conduct ticket sales. We began by ending transfers for 2015 on December 27 (to give us roughly seven weeks to work with the Marriott, so that the convention was properly credited for hotel rooms – an important factor in relieving our financial commitment to our facilities) and then announced the change at this year’s convention for events going forward: we will now only allow at-convention, in-person transfers to be conducted (as we have always done).

Prospective attendees are warned not to purchase tickets, especially out of towners, without the ability to commit; there will no longer be buying of tickets on speculation, buying only to decide later when the guests are known. We will not be announcing any guests prior to the start of ticket sales, and will not allow refunds or deferrals if a buyer doesn’t like our guest lineup – our convention is a celebration of the series Doctor Who no matter who the guests are – but our on-site transfer rules remain largely unaffected. This is a critical change to the way we do business with our tickets, but a necessary one, and one we will strictly enforce.

The following transfers rules are now in effect for our convention:

  • Transfers can only be done on site, not in advance. We will no longer accept email requests for transfers and there will be no online page to fill out.
  • Either the person who purchased the ticket or the person whose name is currently on the ticket MUST be present to initiate a transfer of a ticket.
  • For tickets with “guest of” attached, the person who purchased the ticket must be present to initiate transfer (see below).
  • Upgrades of ticket class (child to teen to adult) are now no longer allowed (although a child or teen can use an adult badge, but not vice versa).
  • Refunds and deferrals to subsequent conventions are prohibited.
  • Reselling of tickets is prohibited.

During the purchase of tickets, if you know you will be bringing others but don’t know exactly who they are just yet, your purchase will be a little simpler now: on the second and subsequent tickets, click the “Guest Of” checkbox instead of filling out the name & address details. The ticket will be assigned as a “Guest Of” the buyer, and the buyer can change this information at our Registration desk. Note that this is only provided as a courtesy; there is no requirement to put ‘guest of’ on a ticket to assign it to someone at a later date.

New: One-Day Advance Sales

Although Gallifrey One has been very clear about our wish to keep our event at a manageable size for our all-volunteer audience, we have no wish to exclude anyone, and serving a larger population has been at the forefront of our minds. We believe that we’ve come up with the best solution to serve more fans, while at the same time keeping our population manageable and also providing something many people have asked us about: single day tickets.

For Gallifrey One 2016 and going forward, we have slightly reduced the number of full weekend tickets and added single-day tickets, available at the same time general admission sales open on May 1. These tickets will only be offered in advance and will not be available for purchase at the door (no at-door sales are conducted at Gallifrey One). They can be picked up on the day being purchased only (except for Friday, see below), as soon as our Registration desk opens (normally 9am) and can be used for all daytime and evening events on that day. They cease being usable as the following day’s registration opens (so yes, someone with a Saturday ticket, for example, can stay all night after the Masquerade for our dance and karaoke.)

Anyone looking at the history of the past few Gallifrey One conventions will note that our primary headliners (such as John Barrowman in 2015) do not usually appear on Friday; we expect this to continue going forward, and we cannot make any guarantees about any guests appearing on any particular day. Understanding this situation and as a ‘consolation prize’ for those only able to come on the first day, our Friday tickets will also permit attendance to our Thursday night launch events (our ice cream social/party and karaoke), and can be picked up during Thursday registration hours.

The following rules are in effect:

  • Single-day tickets for all age brackets can be purchased for $40 (Friday), $50 (Saturday) or $40 (Sunday).
  • Friday single-day tickets can be picked up as of the opening of Registration on Thursday afternoon, or any time on Friday; these tickets will also permit entry into our Thursday night events as well as Friday attendance.
  • Saturday and Sunday single-day tickets can only be picked up on the day, and not any time prior to the opening of our registration desk that morning.
  • Only one type of ticket can be purchased per person; purchase of multiple one-day tickets for an individual is not permitted.
  • A buyer can assign “Guest Of” to additional tickets, but they will still only be available for the day being purchased, and can only be picked up on the assigned day.
  • Tickets are good for daytime and evening functions (including late night events).
  • Single-day ticket holders are eligible to buy tickets for receptions on the day they are attending only.

We will be starting with a limited number of these tickets for 2016, and if they prove popular, we will continue to offer them. Gallifrey One reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

We hope that these two changes to our ticket policies are clear and understandable, and our reasons for making these changes have been explained. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.