Program & Events

Picture-218Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later will continue the long tradition of celebration of all things Doctor Who and the science fiction media genre. Attendees to Gallifrey One have come to enjoy a very diverse selection of programming over the years, and 2017 will be no exception. Our program and schedule of activities, which has helped us develop a proud reputation for fun and enjoyment over the years, will be no less than at our previous events… and in fact, much more!

Some of the fun things we’re planning for 2017 at this early stage include:

Panels, Interviews, Q&A Sessions & Event Programming

Our main ballroom, and our second stage on the convention lobby floor, will feature all of our main guests appearing in both solo and group panels, with a few demos and special events thrown in for good measure. Note that some of our guests will only appear once or twice during the weekend, so please be sure to watch for the schedule of events on the website later this year. Our programming has ranged from interviews to live commentaries, special program events with surprise guests, discussion panels with popular writers and producers in the SF/Fantasy TV & film genres, and even ‘event’ programming like demos and puppet shows!

Autograph Bazaar & Photo Studio

Gallifrey One’s autograph sessions are all now located in our Dealers Room and are part of a ‘grand bazaar’. Meet your favorite celebrities and spend a moment with them and get items autographed for a nominal fee (up to the guest). Later, join us in our Photo Studio where you can have your photo taken with a celebrity (fees to be announced) and have a special photo printed on the fly to be signed later (with a digital copy available after the convention!)

Discussion Panels

Gallifrey One’s Discussion Panel track is incredibly lively and a lot of fun, with a mixture of both professionals as well as qualified fans making their cases on everything from Doctor Who to science fiction and fantasy TV & film, comics, gaming, conventions and much more. They’re always lively, and often packed to capacity – one of the highlights of the weekend for a lot of people.

The Bob May Memorial Charity Auction

Sunday afternoon’s annual convention charity event, a great way to support a charitable endeavor (to be announced later this year) and grab some terrific Doctor Who and science fiction merchandise. Named for our dear departed friend Bob May (The Robot from “Lost in Space”) and with the generous ongoing support of his family, this annual event has raised over $120,000 for local and national charities.

The Masquerade of Mandragora

Saturday night’s main stage showpiece event, our annual costume & fashion show packs to capacity and brings you the best Doctor Who and science fiction-related costuming in the entire galaxy, all for your enjoyment. Extra bonus: our annual half-time event (while the judges go away to work their magic), to be announced later this year!

Gallifrey One After Hours

Besides the Masquerade, we feature evening events beginning with a special pre-convention function on Thursday night (a theme party), with several nights of Karaoke thrown in for good measure, fantastic showpieces on our main stage on Friday night and the Masquerade on Saturday night, costume-related presentations, and our annual fully-DJ’d disco on Saturday.

Gallifrey One Science Track

More popular than ever, our annual track of science programming brings us experts from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to discuss humanity’s role in space, various missions such as the Curiosity, Cassini, Dawn and New Horizons projects, and so much more!  Plus, we’ll be continuing the wonderful science events for kids, too!


Sign up at the convention for these very popular one-hour intimate sessions featuring one or two of our technical or writer/producer guests and up to ten fans, for an hour of coffee and light discussion about their work. The Kaffeeklatsches are extremely popular and sign-up times will be announced.

Adventures for the Whole Family

We’re not only a family friendly convention but, in 2017, we’re even expanding on it more!  Our science workshop for families with children will be back (for fun on two days instead of just one!), as well as our puppet show, new activities for children, meet-ups for teenage fans and much more!

Cosplay & Costume Events

Gallifrey One is full of cosplay and we have the program track for it, with workshops and panel discussions about costuming related topics, as well as a full costume repair station for work on your Masquerade costume, and photography backdrops for those amazing photo experiences.

And Much More

Photos with the TARDIS, our gaming room featuring board and card gaming all weekend, Doctor Who themed exhibits and displays, our annual video room, hospitality suite and so much more! We’re just getting started and we’ll have much more information for you later in the year!